How to Protect Your Business Property from Winter Damage

Being a St. Louis business owner, you know how crazy the winters can be. With the accumulation of snow, working conditions can become hazardous and at times even impossible. The ice and snow can also create damage to structures, freezing pipes and do harm to your business property’s exterior.

St. Louis deicing professionals can help limit the damage that occurs. Here are helpful tips that will keep your property protected.

Clear Branches from Exterior

Before the winter weather begins, check all exteriors and clear away branches that are hanging over the buildings. When a storm occurs, these branches could cause damage to your guttering and roof as well as pose a hazard to structures, people and vehicles.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, you can be without water for some time. Keep your pipes from freezing by making sure your property is well heated and well insulated.

If you find a frozen pipe, you can use hot towels and hot water bottles to thaw it. If a pipe bursts, turn the water off immediately to prevent further damage.

Insulate Your Exterior

During the winter, you can keep energy bills down by doing some indoor insulation. Caulking and stripping reduces heat loss and also reduces the chances of moisture from ice dams seeping into your walls.

You should also do a maintenance check on your HVAC system to make sure it is running efficiently. This will also help keep energy bills low.

You may also consider installing a generator. This will allow you to keep conducting business if a power outage occurs.

Clear the Outer Walkways

In the case of a snowstorm, you will want to clear away accumulation as soon as possible. If snow and ice gets into cracks in concrete, it can increase the damage. If moisture from the outside tracks into your building, it can ruin floors. Ice can also damage lawns causing the grass to dry out and die.

If a snowstorm occurs, you can send your crew outside with shovels and salt, but to make sure your walkways are as clear and safe as possible, you will want St. Louis deicing professionals who know what they are doing. Blue Grass Lawn can keep your building protected.

Blue Grass Lawn has a staff of technicians with years of experience in the deicing industry. They have well maintained equipment that can handle the toughest snowstorms. They are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing you with the service you need when you need it.
Ice and snow can do considerable damage to your property. This year, get on top of the game by employing the best techniques to keep your business safe. Contact Blue Grass Lawn for the help you need to make it through a tough winter.