How To Style Your Seasons

Regardless of how little or how much snow you get there is something to be appreciated about a business that knows how to turn its yard space into a winter wonderland. Winterized landscaping means taking advantage of the trees you had put in during the spring with beautiful light displays.

And while fall was the time for beautiful big sunflowers, spring should offer beautiful displays of tulips. Styling your seasons is an important part of landscaping. This is what each season can look like with a little help from a professional landscaping company.


It is HOT. Which is why beautiful water fountains surrounded by a perfectly maintained green lawn and big blue Hydrangeas will look perfect for your summer landscaping. Rose bushes are also a beautiful flower to have around.


As summer starts to go away many things that fall foliage is enough. The first part is being trees that are going to give you beautiful fall foliage. But don’t stop there. Sunflowers as mentioned are a great way to add some color and flowers into the mix. Stick a scarecrow next to it and you’ve got the perfect setup.


Most people don’t know what to do when it comes to winter landscaping. However, if you already have water fountains and trees you can add floodlights and string lights to turn certain pathways into beautiful walking spaces for employees and visitors. It’s the perfect way to entice people outside for fresh air.

Without any winter landscaping, a property can look cold (literally and figuratively) and oftentimes dead. By sprucing up some of the investments you have already made in trees and outside decor, you can keep things fresh and new.

Don’t forget you may need de-icing services during this time so that the walkways aren’t slippery. Your employees will want to enjoy the light spectacles up close.


This is the time for color and cheer. Tulips, lilies, and many more beautiful flowers can be arranged in a bloom schedule that has them bloom at different times for color all spring long. Cherry Blossom trees can be a beautiful arrangement as well through walkways throughout the property.

Spring is going to be your most colorful season and likely your more expensive one. Take advantage of all the different options you have during this weather.

Knowing the Differences

Not all flowers will work from one season to another. This is why it’s particularly important to have different plans for different seasons. Each plant has its own bloom schedule and trying to make it work during the wrong time can be a big waste of money. Some plants even need cross-pollination from plants and work well next to certain plants that also bloom during a specific season.
Knowing what works well for your business during a particular season allows you and your business to keep up appearances no matter what the weather is like. This is important for attracting potential customers and clients in the long run.