How Your Brand and Your Landscape are Interconnected

You probably already know that branding is a vital element of your commercial business. Good branding increases the value of your company and makes it easier to acquire new customers. While branding used to be thought of primarily as a name, a sign, or a slogan, today it’s considered so much more than that. Brand has a lot more to do with the overall perception of your company—and there’s a lot that contributes to that.

One element that contributes to branding that you may not have even thought about is your landscape. The physical appearance of your commercial property is interconnected closely with your brand.


Because it’s the first impression that customers will have when they drive by or when they walk up to your business address. We’ll explain in a bit more depth how landscaping is connected to brand and why it’s so important that you maintain a positive perception.

First Impressions are Everything

Chances are, you probably already know that first impressions are really important. Customers start forming opinions about your company or business before they ever dive deeper into researching it.

That means if you maintain a messy and unkempt property, your customers might start to form a negative perception of your company as a whole—even if it’s just subconsciously. It might make you look like a company that isn’t invested in offering the best or maybe even one that’s not performing well enough to maintain a nicely landscaped exterior. The last thing that you want is for customers to have a reason to start forming negative opinions.

On the flip side, if you have an appealing landscape with nicely edged plant beds, neatly mowed grass, and a lush green lawn that is kept weed-free, then your customers will have a positive first impression of your company—and your brand as a whole. It’s a relatively small effort from which you can expect a big impact.

Adding Wow Factor

 There’s no question that the basics are essential when it comes to a nice landscape. At the very least, your lawn should be routinely mowed and kept weed-free and your plant beds should be kept in good shape with periodic mulching and weeding. In other words, you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your property looking neat and tidy.

But you might also be thinking about adding some wow factor.

Adding enhancements can achieve this goal. The addition of routinely updated seasonal color is going to make your property much more appealing when customers drive or walk by. These are the types of additions to your property that make people say “wow,” and remember your company in a positive way. That’s great branding!

You might also think about updating the landscaping around your signage. If you have a company sign at the front of your property, adding some beautiful flowers or plants—or even some lighting—can really help make it stand out.

Standing Out from the Crowd

When it comes to good branding, the key is to be memorable, and landscaping can play an important role in that effort. If you want to truly set an example of excellence in your marketplace, then anything you do to differentiate yourself is going to have an impact on your customers’ perception of your business. Making sure that your commercial landscape is kept looking its best is an easy but effective way to stand out.

At Bluegrass, we understand just how important your brand is to your overall company and we want to be available to enhance your brand in any way that we can. We also know that you have plenty of other tasks on your plate and keeping your landscape looking its best is probably one that you don’t have time to tackle. We’re here to not only perform the landscaping tasks that you need done, but also to manage your property and ensure that you don’t have to deal with any unwanted hassles or headaches. By allowing Bluegrass to take the reins on your landscape needs, you can feel confident that it will have a positive impact on your overall brand.