Icy Winters

Winters in St Louis are very unpredictable. It may snow in November, be sunny and warm in December, cloudy and gray for the 47th day in January (because January drags on), and just nasty in February. With all of this uncertainty, you need a company that you can rely on to get ahead of the conditions that can cause a loss of customers and your bottom line. Fortunately, there is a company right here in St. Louis that can manage the wintry weather so you never have to worry. Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management is here for you. 


Why does our company need snow & ice management?


Many businesses will overlook the snow and ice aspect when interviewing potential companies to care for their landscape and property needs. It is true that not every winter in St Louis results in a large amount of snow and/or ice. But once the first big snow storm comes or as soon as you hear the pinging sound of sleet on the streets, you will wish you had inquired about these services. 


When considering the yearly cost of adding snow and ice services, you must ask yourself how these services will ease the burden for your staff and possibly your bottom line. Without a company to tend to these conditions, an employee would potentially be asked to shovel walkways and spread a melting compound so that daily operations can resume. This sounds easy enough. But let’s consider that the employee slips and falls and injures themselves. You, as the business, could be held responsible to pay for their injuries. This will hurt your bottom line. 


Another aspect to consider is the wear and tear to your property during the winter months. Bluegrass Lawncare is a team of experts that will carefully consider the correct removal methods necessary to maintain your business’s landscape, walkways and parking lots. Many chemicals can cause cracks and pitting of hardscapes if not used in the proper manner. Once the snow and ice have melted and the seasons begin to change, you will have to make repairs to these areas of your business. This unexpected cost will hurt your bottom line. 


And of course, you must always consider your customers. If they can’t get into your business, this too will hurt your bottom line. Utilizing a company that will preemptively take care of any snow and ice removal will show your customers that you care enough about their safety and the safety of your employees. 


What’s our next step?


We are glad you asked. Your next step is to call Bluegrass Lawncare and Snow Management today at (314) 770-2828 to request a consultation. We would love to help you develop a plan that will care for all your landcare needs, no matter what the season. As a full service company, we want to partner with you, so that you can put your best foot forward in the community that you serve.