Is Irrigation Costing You?

If you want a beautiful landscape for your business, a good irrigation system is a necessity.  And a good irrigation system is one that provides your property with the right amount of water for your turf, trees, shrubs, and plants to keep them looking vibrant and healthy without using too much water which is a costly waste.

We regularly check your irrigation system during the prime growing months to ensure it’s working properly to keep your property hydrated and beautiful, but a complete audit of your irrigation system is recommended annually or biannually.  There are several things we can do to make sure you have an efficient and effective watering system.     

Install a Smart Irrigation Controller

A smart irrigation controller is essential for a healthy lawn and water conservation.  You can input your location (climate) as well as the types of soil and plants you have and your system will water accordingly.  They also have rain sensors so you’re not watering when Mother Nature is doing it for you.  With a cloud-based system, you can control your irrigation system from virtually anywhere.  Old systems are basically just watering timers, and by not taking specific factors such as climate, soil, and weather into account, they’re extremely wasteful.  

Update Your Spray Heads

Newer spray heads are usually pop-up ones to avoid being a tripping hazard and have rotary heads so you need fewer of them.  Some are made with drip nozzles for shrubs and plants.  Even if you already have these newer, more efficient spray heads, it’s important to have them checked periodically to ensure their mechanics are working correctly, that dirt and debris haven’t  clogged sprinkler heads and nozzles, and that there are no leaks in the seals.

Assess Your Property

If you’re seeing puddling on your property, your irrigation system is over-watering an area, it has a leak somewhere, or it’s watering when it shouldn’t, like when it’s raining.  Our irrigation technicians can determine the problem and fix it, whether it be with a new smart controller or fixing any leaks.  

Adapt Your Watering Schedule

Newer plants need watering frequently, but as plants and trees mature, they require less water to remain healthy.  Your watering system’s coverage should be adapted to water older plants less or, depending on how much rainfall you receive in your area, not at all.

By updating your system with the latest nozzles, spray heads, and controllers, you will not only get a more efficient irrigation system, but you will also get more life out of it.  At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we not only install state-of-the-art irrigation systems designed to save you money, we also maintain and update your current system.  We monitor them closely to make sure they’re working at their peak, fix any problems that arise, and prepare them for winter so they don’t experience a mainline break during the cold winter months.  

With a good irrigation system and proper maintenance, you can save money and have a lush, green landscape.  Call Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance today at (314) 770-2828 for all of your irrigation needs.