It’s Magic

Overnight, St. Louis is hit by a doozy of an ice storm, one that would make a yeti shut off his alarm and go back to sleep.  As much as you want to, you can’t stay home from work, so you bundle up and head out.  The plows are out in force, but the roads are treacherous, and you dread having to get out of your car and walk across the ice-covered parking lot and walkway to your office.  I should’ve worn my ice skates, you think as you pull into the lot.  But what’s this?

The parking lot is completely clear and free of ice!  And the walkway too!  “It’s a miracle!” you yell.

It isn’t.

It’s magic.

Ice B’Gone Magic, that is.

Luckily, your company had the foresight to hire Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance for their snow and ice removal needs, and our crews were out all night clearing and treating our customers’ properties for the next day’s work.

Magicians aren’t supposed to give away their secrets, but we can’t keep this to ourselves!  Ice B’Gone Magic is a highly effective deicing product that makes deicing quicker, easier, and more effective than ever.

What is it?  Ice B’Gone is a liquid agricultural by-product of the distilling process blended with magnesium chloride, that when applied to rock salt creates the best deicing product on the market.  It increases the effectiveness of the rock salt by making it work better, at lower temperatures, and go further.  We use it for all our customers to ensure their parking lots and walkways are thoroughly deiced and safe for driving and walking on, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.  Why is it so good?

It’s more environmentally friendly.  Ice B’Gone Magic is 100% biodegradable and is 90% less corrosive than salt alone.  This means it’s safer for people to handle and it won’t harm your equipment. In fact, it neutralizes rust, extending the life of your equipment and is safe for use on most surfaces.  It leaves no visible residue, and because it’s pet-friendly, you don’t have to worry about your pups getting it on their feet and licking it off.  Because it’s so environmentally friendly, it won’t kill grass and plants that are adjacent to application sites.

It’s more effective.  Rock salt alone is ineffective below 18°F, but Ice B’Gone Magic works at -35°F!  It eliminates ice and hard-packed snow, and because it works at such low temperatures, the occurrence of black ice is virtually eliminated.  And with the ice gone, there’s rarely a need to apply sand.

It’s more efficient.   Eight gallons of the liquid will treat one ton of rock salt.  Because it’s more effective than rock salt alone, your rock salt supply will go much further.  On average, you’ll be able to use 35-50% less rock salt than without it.
We love Ice B’Gone so much, we sell it!  We can supply you with 20lb or 50lb bags of salt pretreated with Ice B’Gone or we can spray your existing salt stockpile with Ice B’Gone so you can treat your own property this winter.

If you want to more about this fantastic product, or you’d like to know how we can take care of all of your snow and ice removal needs, call Bluegrass today at (314) 770-2828 and let’s winter!