Keep Your Lawn Green in Dry Summer Months!

Summer may be a time of fun and relaxation for us, but for lawns, it’s the most stressful time of the year.    The heat, dry weather, and heavy summer foot traffic all contribute to stress on your lawn causing it to dry out and to form dead patches, and in this unhealthy, weakened state it’s more susceptible to diseases, invading weeds, and insect infestations.  

With the right care, you can relieve the stress on your lawn and have a beautiful green lawn all summer.

Feed it.

It takes 6-8 weeks for your lawn to absorb the nutrient from its last feeding.  When grass has proper nutrients, it’ll grow in thicker which will not only keep weeds at bay, it also keeps the soil cooler, which means less damage to your turf’s roots.  If your lawn has gone dormant from the heat, however, hold off on feeding it until it’s growing again.  Typically, fertilization should be done in late spring/early summer and again in late summer/early fall.  

Mow high.

The longer the height of your grass, the longer the roots will be which will allow for more water and nutrient absorption.

Controlled watering.  

During dryer times, grass should be watered for longer but infrequent periods.  Watering often for shorter periods encourages shorter root growth, which can weaken your lawn in the summer.  Generally, an inch of water a week should keep your lawn from drying out, but be sure to water early―between 6-10AM―so it doesn’t evaporate.

During hot months, there is typically an urge to over-water your lawn.  If you don’t have a “smart” irrigation system that doesn’t avoid watering when it rains, too much water during summer rainstorms can actually deprive grass roots of much-needed oxygen.  


By thinking ahead and reseeding your turf in the spring, you can help your lawn grow thick and healthy and better-equipped to handle the hot summer months.  Consider reseeding with grass varieties that have been developed to withstand drier conditions.  Fall is also an optimum time for reseeding.

Keep off the grass.

People love to walk and sit on a beautiful lawn, especially in the summer, but this actually causes a lot of stress on it.  If you can keep people from walking on your lawn during the already high stress of the summer heat, you can avoid dead patches.  Areas of heavy foot traffic also lead to soil compaction which can make it more difficult for food and water to get to the roots.    

Stay sharp.

Having all your tops chopped off every week…what could be more stressful than that?!  Sharp, clean cuts are easier for your lawn to recover from than torn, dull ones.  By keeping lawn mower blades sharp, damage to grass is minimized.

Mulch mow.

Grass clippings can provide your turf with lots of beneficial nutrients as they slowly decompose.  Bagging them and taking them away is like throwing away free food for your lawn.

At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we regularly examine the turf on your commercial property to ensure that even throughout the hottest months, your lawn is lush and healthy.  We can upgrade your irrigation system to a system with smart technology that will detect when it has rained or when there’s excessive heat and adjust its watering schedule accordingly which will not only save your lawn, it’ll save you money too.  

A healthy lawn is a strong one.  Our technicians are experts on lawn care and know how to keep it green and healthy, even under the harshest conditions.  Their proactive mindset and close monitoring cut off any issues before they become a problem.

To find out more about how your commercial property can have a stunning green lawn all summer long, call Bluegrass today at (314)770-2828.

Lawn treatments are performed by Weed Man of St. Louis, LLC,  a subsideary of Bluegrass Lawncare of St. Louis, LLC.