Keep Your Landscape Evergreen

Unlike most things, landscaping doesn’t have just one season. In fact, it has four distinct seasons that all require consideration for retaining a beautiful landscape all year long! With hundreds of varieties of softscapes and hardscapes to choose from, planning an exquisite landscape unique to your tastes that remains lovely throughout the hottest summers and coldest winters is a breeze!

One of the best ways to ensure seasonal adaptability in your landscape is by implementing evergreens. Evergreen plants come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and are a great option to add elegant greenery to your summer landscape, but their true beauty lies in the fact that they remain lively and colorful even on the darkest winter days!

Everlasting Beauty

Evergreen trees and shrubs are typically coniferous (like pine and spruce trees), but they may also be broadleaves as well (like holly and live oak). The distinction of evergreen simply means that these trees and shrubs hold onto their leaves throughout the winter months instead of losing them after the first frosts.

This lack of leaf shedding allows your landscape to stay fresh and green even when all the deciduous trees decide to shed their leaves. The pop of color provided by evergreen plants will keep your landscape from being drab and dull in the winter months with a festive green sheen that is certain to bring cheer!

Seasonal Show

Evergreen trees and shrubs look great in the spring and summer and can be used as added greenery or in standalone arrangements, they continue to look marvelous in the fall, but the wintertime is when evergreens take the main role. While all the other plants are brown and drab in the middle of their seasonal hibernation, evergreens are the life of the party.

Evergreen, it’s in the name- they stay beautiful and fresh all year! If you’re into holiday decorations, evergreens are great for that too as you can add lights and ornamentation galore and create a winter wonderland on your property!

A Fresh Face

Landscaping is one of the best things you can do for your property’s exterior, and a well-planned softscape and hardscape can create a long-lasting and seasonally adapting addition to your business! The use of hardscaping (such as pathways, patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and other stonework) is sure to catch the eyes of anyone who sees which greatly increases the curb appeal of your home.

The masterful planning of a softscape can have the same effect with your visitors marveling at your landscape during any season of the year! Creating a beautiful landscape is like a work of mixed media art, all the pieces come together to make something that is both gorgeous and functional.

Final Thoughts

You worked hard to make your business look great, and now your property deserves a facelift too- creating a landscape that works for all seasons can be a challenge, but an experienced landscaping company can certainly help with all your landscape planning needs. If you are interested in creating a new landscape, or adding evergreens to your seasonal foray, contact Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management today!