Landscape Challenges of New Commercial Properties

With new commercial properties, there’s a fresh slate for the design and style and how it should reflect the message and goals of the business.  While the design process is exciting, achieving that design often comes with various obstacles that need to be implemented as part of the installation.


Water that doesn’t drain properly can cause a whole host of problems.  When downspouts empty directly onto walkways, it not only damages the walkway but it creates a slipping hazard, especially when temperatures drop.  The same goes for uneven pavement in your parking lots.  Stormwater flow is an important part of landscape design that may require drainage pipes, French drains, or bio-retention areas that will protect your landscape from damaging water and may help you use less water for irrigation.

Smart Irrigation

Speaking of irrigation, to save water (and money), irrigation systems are unique to each property.  They have to be to get water to all the necessary spots without overwatering others.  Smart irrigation systems use sensors to determine when to water and when not to, like when it’s raining and they can also let you know when there’s a problem like a break in a line.  A smart irrigation system may cost a bit more upfront but it will conserve water and save you money.

Utilizing plants that are native to the area will save money in resources such as water, fertilizer, and pest control, and because they’re in their natural habitat, they’ll thrive and can withstand the weather conditions that are common for the area.

Unsightly Areas

Most properties have functional systems that aren’t the most attractive things like air conditioner systems or electrical hubs.  Or perhaps the property is next to a property that you’d rather not look at.  These can be hidden with trees and shrubbery and other strategic plantings or walls and walkway design can direct traffic away from unsightly areas.

Creating a Greener Environment

We’re all concerned with the health of the environment as global warming affects us all.  When designing a new property and buildings, designers and architects are utilizing practices that will help create a greener environment for everyone.  Having certification from LEED, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program shows renters, clients, and visitors that you are a socially responsible business.  Things like the type of ice-melt that is used on the property, what pest-control options are applied, types of plants installed, and water conservation practices all earn points toward LEED certification.

Every property is unique and a good landscape design company will be able to enhance and compliment the natural qualities of the property in a way that is beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

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