Landscape Escape: The Importance of Retaining Walls

Water has a way of convincing plants and soil to make daring escapes from their home in your landscape, especially when they are set up on a slope. Plant roots and mulch can help keep the soil contained, but unstable land sometimes needs to be contained be the installation of a retaining wall. The good news is that retaining walls can be a stunning addition to the landscape around your business, all while preventing excess soil movement which could damage your landscape or property.

Most soil likes to stay where it is, especially when it is covered by mulch or grass, but after construction or on steep slopes, soil becomes a freer substance that can be persuaded to move by wind or water. Keeping soil in its place allows your landscape to remain lovely despite the challenges posed by the Midwestern climate.

Shore it Up

In addition to providing natural steps and multileveled outdoor spaces, retaining walls are important in erosion control and water management especially during especially rainy seasons. Unlike soil, stonework is very resistant to erosion as it takes huge volumes of water to displace the heavy material. Having a retaining wall to support your landscape will keep your plants and other installments where you want them to be.

Retaining walls can also prevent runoff from damaging your home and they can keep soil particles from making your outdoor spaces dirty. Retaining walls also keep your landscape clean by accentuating the edges of your landscape and keeping it fully contained. This feature of retaining walls can be used to create a myriad of outdoor spaces, even having the effect of outdoor rooms within your larger outdoor space.

Style it Up

Retaining walls come in as many shapes, sizes, and materials as you can think of, and there is surely a design that will suit your business. These installations are primarily functional, but that does not prevent them from being beautiful and customized to suit your needs. Some of the functions they can serve are to create edging for your property, divide your outdoor space into aesthetically pleasing sections, guide people through your landscape, or any combination of these.

There are many materials available for the construction of retaining walls, from natural stone to pavers, there is something for everyone. If the rustic natural stone look is something that suits your business, you have the choice between rounded and flatter stones and a myriad of colors. If you would like to consider pavers, your options are even more diverse. Pavers come in hundreds of colors and sizes. No matter what material you choose, you can be sure that your retaining wall is durable, effective, and stunning.

Final Thoughts

Retaining walls are a great way to combat erosion in your beautiful landscape, and they can provide a lovely aspect of permanence to even the most constantly changing arrangements. For an increased aesthetic appeal with the benefits of reducing the risk of weather damage to your landscape, installing a retaining wall may be right for you. If you are interested in installing a retaining wall for your business, please call Bluegrass Landscape at (314) 770.2828 for a consultation.