Landscape Management Plan

When choosing a professional landscaping company, it’s best to search for one with lengthy experience but also one that will listen to your interests and needs for your business. At Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management we offer a Landcare Management Plan (or LMP) that helps uncover all of your needs and put an action plan into place. Our landscape maintenance plan can help by keeping services going, allowing you to hand off those responsibilities so that you can focus on running your business. We handle everything which eliminates all of the hassle and headaches of dealing with routine maintenance of your property. 

Our Landcare Management Plan consists of three parts:

  • Consultation
  • Audit/Property Assessment
  • The Development & Presentation of our Landcare Management Plan

First step, we will meet with you to discuss your wants and needs so that we can truly meet your expectations. Meeting in-person to discuss the condition of your property and what services you expect our company to perform is one of the keys to successful management. By meeting with you and having a one-on-one conversation, we will be more able to develop a plan to meet your landscaping needs!

Next, we will perform a comprehensive review of your property that allows us to create an accurate plan for what tasks need to be performed as well as any potential safety issues on the property. We know that each property will require different services and different landscapes require a unique approach. This is why it is important that as part of our landcare management plan, we offer a metric-based inspection, allowing us to clearly define the needs of the property. We review every possible detail that must be covered to ensure that all tasks are performed completely and on time each week.

After we have met and have completed a plan for your property, we will present this plan to you to verify that all of your company’s landscaping needs have been covered. Our Landcare Management Plan will include a plan of action and a proposal based on the consultation and the audit/property assessment.

Our mission is to do everything we can to take care of our valued clients and their properties. We strive to create the highest quality of services. You can trust our team to completely handle your property’s management and fulfill your expectations, giving you more time to focus your attention and efforts on the details of running your company.

If you would like to learn more about our Landcare Management Plan and what services we offer, please feel free to contact Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management at (314)770-2828. We are prepared to work with your wants and needs and our main goal is make sure the needs of our clients are fulfilled.