Landscaping for Industrial Properties: Why is it Needed?

Curb appeal is an important part of any commercial and industrial company’s design. However, landscaping goes even further than just attractive green areas. For a business, the landscape design needs to include safety, accessibility, and environmental considerations. 

How Important is Landscaping for Your Commercial Property?

Every business owner wants their property to appear well cared for and welcoming, even if the business does not have a lot of on-site client traffic. Safety and accessibility should also be a top priority and at a much higher level than your own backyard. The following are crucial factors to think about when designing your commercial landscape.

  • Curb appeal for customers: Even if your customers do not visit your building often, it is important to have a facility that is well cared for and that feels welcoming. 
  • Employee safety and work environment: The safety and state of mind of your employees are vital. A healthy work environment provides a sense of encouragement for the well-being and productivity of your employees. 
  • Corporate citizenship: Keeping your landscape well-maintained provides a major benefit for your community. It sets an example for neighbors and keeps property values high. 
  • Safety and accessibility: It is important to ensure your commercial property is safe and accessible with visible walkways and parking areas as well as plenty of lighting. 
  • Environmental concerns: Every commercial property, especially industrial businesses, need to keep in mind the importance of managing stormwater and other environmental concerns.

What Types of Industrial Businesses Can Benefit from Landscape Services?

Retail and service industries are not the only types of businesses that can benefit from landscape services. Industrial facilities can also reap the rewards from high-quality landscaping, and it does not have to cost a lot. The following industrial businesses are great sites to include beautiful landscaping: 

  • Production plants
  • Warehouses
  • Supply facilities
  • Shipping facilities
  • Transport companies

Keeping Things Well-Maintained

When operating an industrial business, you do not need to worry about more than you must, including the landscape for your property. Therefore, the only thing you should think about are the basics and making sure your landscape is appealing and well taken care of. By doing so, you are expressing how important your community is to you. The following are commercial landscape services that are important to keep in mind:

  • Mowing the lawn on a regular basis throughout the growing season
  • Maintaining the edges at beds, lawn, and hardscapes
  • Trimming shrubs and small trees
  • Weed control in shrubs and the lawn
  • Seasonal color
  • Mulching of trees and shrub beds

More Than Just Grounds Maintenance

Having a beautiful property is a definite goal for any property; however, for an industrial company, efficiency, accessibility, and safety are also key components of any landscape plan. Some of the most crucial factors your landscape plan should include are: 

  • Ensuring irrigation systems are well maintained: the irrigation systems that are on the market today are both smart and efficient which can save your company money by watering the correct amount exactly when and where it is needed. The high-tech timers and sprinklers require routine maintenance and monitoring which a professional team can provide. This ensures your irrigation system is in proper condition meaning it will need to be replaced less often. 
  • Stormwater control: This is an important factor for industrial businesses because local, state, and federal regulations require businesses to create a management plan to handle snow and rain runoff. This prevents pollution from entering rivers and streams. 
  • Lighting: Ensuring your property has safe access both day and night is crucial. A professional commercial landscaping company can help provide outdoor lighting that is appealing and can improve visibility as well as make access easier. 
  • Snow and ice removal: This is a job that should be taken very seriously. It is required by law that parking lots and walkways are cleared. Keeping these areas cleared is also important for keeping your business safe for employees and customers. 

Hiring the right team for your industrial landscaping needs is crucial. Partnering with the right company can benefit your community, help comply with local, state, and federal requirements, and impress your customers all at the same time. Responsiveness and great communication are key to making your property look its best, which is why Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management is the right team for you. When partnering with us, you will get experienced, well-organized crews as well as excellent service and support. If you would like more information, contact us today at (314) 770-2828. We are ready to make it happen for your business!