Landscaping Have You On Edge?

Adding visual interest to your lawn can be as simple as giving it a good haircut, a.k.a. mowing your turf. Often times, however, your lawn can create blurred lines between your garden and trees. A good way to take your lawn out of the “wild” category and make it feel more manicured is to create boundaries with edging. While it may take a little extra time, landscape edging enhances your lawn giving it formality and a more polished, finished look.

Reasons to edge

SpadeCutEdgingFrom an aesthetics standpoint, landscape edging provides a contrast between two defined areas. Visually it provides us with a crisp, clean, well-manicured look that adds balance as well as a physical separation.

Aside from creating definition and order in visual appearance, landscape edging also serves a more functional purpose. It acts as a barrier between mulch and rock beds, preventing objects from getting lodged in and sprung out of your lawn mower when cutting the grass! Killing two birds with one stone, edging your lawn also creates a barrier from allowing roots, weeds and grass to creep into your flower beds. Without edging, grasses and weeds will start to spike up from under mulch and flower beds. This untamed feel can be unsightly to many!


Types of Edging

Decorative edging is a good compliment to spade and shovel-cut edging in your lawn. From natural lawn edgings to simulated edging options, you can create a decorative or low key appearance to your landscape! Some choose aRockEdging more natural presentation such as plants, rocks, mulch, and wood while others prefer more a decorative approach to get creative with! From brick and stone to concrete and metal, there are various ways to create a personal statement throughout your landscape!

Choosing a lawn edging that compliments your landscape tremendously enhances its appearance. To achieve a charming yard is a task that can take time! Whether you’re going for a traditional style or something more sleek, our team is happy to help! Talk to a Bluegrass expert today to see how we can help you achieve the look you want and need by calling us at 314-770-2828 or by filling out the simple contact us form.




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