Landscaping is Greener Than Ever


If we spend all of our days on Earth, does that make every day into Earth Day? We should treat our planet as though every day is Earth day because we as humans can have drastic effects on the ecosystems that we inhabit, and this is a huge responsibility.

While landscaping is automatically green, there are ways to make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Installing landscaping increases your property’s value, but it can be used to make the world a better place too, and that’s most certainly worth the investment!

Be a Tree-Hugger

Plants and trees are some of the world’s greatest oxygen producers, second only to phytoplankton and bacteria in the ocean. Plants also purify the air from other contaminants while remaining exceptionally beautiful in a simply natural way which is a win for you and everyone on the planet. Plants are incredible creatures that help keep the world clean and safe, and we can help that effort by planting them in a purposeful and sustainable way.

The style of landscaping that you should invest in really depends on the region in which you live- one of the best ways to choose plants is by first using native species which are used to the climate and soil conditions of your property and can thrive more effectively. Next, you can search for nonnative plants, but make sure that they are not aggressive species that can take over the wild plants outside of your property. These are called invasive species and can be damaging to entire ecosystems.

Planting responsibly is the first step to making your landscape green, and this can be easily accomplished by consulting with a professional from Bluegrass Lawncare who can help design the landscape of your dreams with environmentally friendly features!

Eco-Friendly Maintenance

Installing a landscape is the first step to increasing your properties exterior beauty- it is an absolutely thrilling experience to * see your new landscape that is uniquely designed for your property; however, now that the plants are taking root and everything is settling in nicely, maintenance is right around the corner.

Landscapes are beautiful installations, but they come with a certain amount of responsibility to ensure that they remain beautiful. In addition to routine pruning and shaping, your landscape may require pest control and fertilization measures to maintain your landscape at its present glory.

Many of these maintenance measures require the use of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, but modern engineering and science has shown us that it is possible to avoid such harsh and potentially damaging measures.

One of the best practices for keeping pests away is by using native plants which have natural defenses from endemic pest species, this is a prevention measure that will make maintenance much simpler. For fertilization, it is important to fertilize with the correct balance of minerals so that the ground remains fertile without an excess of nutrients that can cause problems such as algae blooms in local waterways.

Bluegrass Landscape & Snow  Management is committed to making land care sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as beautiful for all seasons. Following a strict code of using best management practices during landscape installation, a landscape from Bluegrass Landscape & Snow  Management  is a lasting, beautiful, and Earth-friendly natural space for all your outdoor needs.

Final Thoughts

You love your property, and the Earth that it sits on- it’s an incredible responsibility that we hold to ensure that the Earth is protected from our endeavors at improving our homes and properties. Bluegrass Landscape & Snow  Management understands the need for sustainable construction and maintenance of all landscapes and can professionally and effectively provide for all of your sustainable landscaping needs!