Mowing 101- St. Louis Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Written by Jason Maylee

It is estimated that there are about ten thousand different species of grass worldwide. Over 20% of the world’s vegetation cover is made up of grasses as its main ingredient. Mind blowing, right? There seems to be nothing more delightful than watching our lawn become green after a cold, snow filled winter. With that greening, comes the urge to check over our mowers and equipment. It is Commercial Mowingtime to cut that grass into an even, beautiful surface. The average lawn has about six grass plants per square inch making your lawn into the beauty that it is.

A few things to think about before cutting your lawn. First, your grass begs to be cut with a sharp blade which keeps the grass ends crisp and not torn. Also, make sure to mow frequently so that you only cut off the top third of the grass blade. Bluegrass Lawncare of St Louis recommends cutting your grass at no less than a 3” height to allow shading and growth of the root system. This will keep your lawn much healthier. Cutting high also adds a benefit of being able to keep your chute down without the grass leaving clumps. Never mow with your chute up if you desire to keep safety a priority. Eyes and toes are precious to each of us. Do not let a mower with an open chute change your life.

A lawn mower that mulches will cut grass trimmings into small pieces. Since grass trimmings are 85% water, they quickly decompose, releasing nitrogen and additional nutrients that nourish the lawn. Grass-cycling is like doing an additional fertilizing each year and also plays a major role in preventing thatch. University tests have proven that mulched trimmings in a thin layer will promote microbial activity and fight the development of fungal disease. There is added value of leaving your clippings in your lawn!

Grass TimmingsEver see an awesome pattern in a lawn and say, “I wish I could do that!”? Rethink that thought process. Even with the curb appeal it brings to your property, it actually may not be the best practice. In order to get that perfect pattern, the mower must run those same lines week after week which compact the soil in that same tire track. This reduces the porous space in the soil and starves the grass in that area of oxygen. Instead, try running your mowers around in different directions and offset the cut in order to distribute and reduce compacting of soil. The grass will thank you!

In summary, do what is right while mowing. Lack of time, money, and experience can eventually lead to people making bad decisions when it comes to lawn care and mowing. Do not be one of these people today. Get online and search out best practice methods. Reach out to a qualified, lawn professional in your area who can give you sound practices and advice. My learning has come through much education, time in the field, and even some trial by error. Be safe this year while mowing and enjoy the beauty of your manicured lawn.

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