Nature’s Effects on Workplace Productivity

Landscaping is often described as the process of making a piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design – adding ornamental features and planting trees and colorful plant life. While a well-kept landscape can help with your business’s curb appeal, it can also promote workplace wellness, improving your employee’s mood, which can result in your business’s growth.

Mental Clarity

Being in nature or even viewing scenes of nature reduces anger, fear and stress and increases feelings of happiness. Exposure to nature makes you feel better emotionally. Nature can generate a multitude of positive emotions such as calmness, joy, creativity and can facilitate concentration. 

Providing a well-kept space for employee’s to enjoy during their breaks, allows for them to de-stress and regroup. A business can use a well thought out landscaping design to incorporate more nature-like scenery to help the employee’s feel refreshed and ready to get back to work which results in higher productivity.

Being outdoors can increase energy, increase happiness and help to relieve the stress created by schedules, timelines and workplace responsibilities.  

Improves Workplace Relationships

While landscaping includes the trees and plants around the business, there are also other features that can be added to make the space more relaxing and enjoyable. Creating a comfortable sitting area with benches or outdoor tables can allow an employee to enjoy their lunch outdoors. Oftentimes, businesses provide a patio for their employees to utilize, providing more room to relax during their daily breaks. Providing an inviting common area for employee’s to use during their breaks allows for social interaction and helps to increase workplace friendships. Good work relationships are essential for teams, organizations and individuals to succeed.

Physical Movement

Often times, employees are working hard for your business sitting at a desk for multiple hours at a time. Taking small breaks can help to increase productivity. Landscaping designs can include walking pathways around the building which can be useful for employees to utilize when they need a boost of physical movement during the day. A short walk during the day can give an employee the chance to stretch tired muscles, find relief from being in the same sitting position and can also help with their mental clarity. By providing opportunity for movement with your landscaping design, you can help increase an employee’s chance for success!

A successful business can be linked to the satisfaction of its employees. Even the most qualified employees need encouragement to succeed. Your workplace environment plays a huge role in productivity, quality of work and mood. A well-kept landscape with colorful trees, plants and flowers increases appeal making it a place that people will want to spend time to de-stress and relax. 

An inviting landscape and common area for employee’s can be just what your business may need if your goal is to increase workplace productivity. 

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