Our Best Ideas for Beautiful and Functional Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, if done correctly, can be a perfect marriage of form and function.  Their purpose may be to make a hilly area more useful, but if the right materials are used, they can become a natural part of your landscape design and beautify your property.

The Functionality

Retaining walls fight erosion.  Erosion from wind and rain can be a real problem in a commercial landscape.  It’s not only unsightly but when your good soil is washed away, your plants lose nutrients as well as the ability to retain water.  Walls can help keep the soil in place.

Retaining walls manage runoff.  They can be placed in such a way that they direct stormwater runoff away from buildings, walkways, or anywhere else it may be causing a problem.

Retaining walls make slopes useful.  If your commercial property has steep slopes or hilly areas, retaining walls can be used to create usable spaces with flat areas for patios, seating, plantings, and stairs to different levels.

Retaining walls create definition.  They can be used to define separate areas and to connect one area to another, creating a natural flow to your property.  They direct the eye to where you want, much like a masterful painting can. They also give a professional look to your flower beds, defining them more than with mulch alone.  They make all of the other features of your property really stand out.

The Beauty

The style of your retaining wall is not only shown in its shape but the materials you choose as well.  They can be natural, all identical, or unique and come in a variety of materials such as natural stone, manufactured blocks, poured concrete, bricks, and even wood.  

Natural stone blocks are used to show off the natural beauty of your plants.  They work particularly well in areas where native plants are used and can give your property character.

Concrete can be poured into wall forms or made into large blocks that can easily hold back soil on other levels.  It’s a simple look that fits well into industrial or more basic landscapes.

Manufactured blocks give a unified appearance and are helpful in preventing erosion.  They are easily formed into winding walls that add definition and interest and fit in well in more modern landscapes.  Some are even interlocking for added strength and ease of assembly.

Retaining walls can create well-defined multi-level, multi-use spaces.  They can provide areas for flower beds or other plantings, seats for gathering areas, or stairs to reach other levels.  Steep slopes that are virtually unusable can be transformed into beautiful usable spaces.

Retaining Walls Done Right

Retaining walls need to be properly installed if they’re going to last.  If done right, by an experienced company that will prepare the area to ensure that the wall has a stable, level base with proper drainage, your retaining walls should survive the harshest weather and last for many years to come.

At Bluegrass, we do it right.  All over the greater St. Louis area, we’ve installed beautiful and functional retaining walls, from small and simple to large-scale, complex projects.  We also provide regular maintenance on them to ensure they’ll last. Call Bluegrass today at (314) 770-2828 and find out how a retaining wall can make your commercial property more beautiful with more usable space.