Prepare For Spring Rain At Your Commercial Property with Better Irrigation

As you might remember, in March 2019 many of the Midwest states had some of the worst flooding seen in decades. As rain and snowmelt inundated rivers and streams, many commercial properties were affected and suffered costly damages. We can’t prevent severe flooding, but we can ensure that your commercial property is in the best possible shape for the upcoming heavy rain.

Contrary to popular belief, irrigation is not just about water sprinklers. How water drains from your commercial property is equally important. True landscaping professionals plan for both water distribution (your water sprinklers) as well as water drainage. There are a variety of methods used to do this, but a few possible solutions for your commercial property might include the following: re-grading your landscape, installing french drains and rain gardens, or even installing rainwater harvesting solutions that can later save you money. In addition to conserving water, proper irrigation will encourage deeper root growth and healthier, more robust and weather tolerant landscapes that will hold up to the heavy spring showers.

Our team of professional landscape designers will create commercial irrigation solutions that enhance the curb appeal of your property––making your business more valuable and desirable. Not only can our team at Bluegrass make your commercial property look better, we also implement landscaping and irrigation that best suits your area. We study many different factors before implementation such as soil preparation, seasonal weather patterns, and plant resilience. We then group plants according to their water, soil, and sun exposure requirements to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Too often, irrigation systems lack proper coverage and don’t use a zone approach. This means that your plant health, landscape beds, or your grass can be compromised. The different trees, plants, and other greenery that surround your property all have different irrigation and drainage needs. If done improperly, the water drainage and distribution can kill your greenery and cut into the investment you’ve made in your commercial property.

Professional design and installation from the experts at Bluegrass will ensure that the different areas of your commercial property are targeted with proper water distribution and drainage. Even if you already have greenery in place, we can still ensure that best practices are being followed. We do this in a way that responds to your area’s weather and rainfall patterns. This cuts down on waste and saves you money.

Water-efficient landscaping and irrigation, including consideration for local conditions, is part of Bluegrass’s water management and irrigation services which directly impacts water usage and water runoff. Selective use of turf and mulching can enhance landscapes as well as provide additional benefits such as preventing soil erosion and slowing down water runoff.

Landscaping should be performed with ongoing maintenance in mind, and our commitment to helping you in maintaining your commercial property begins with proper irrigation and drainage. At Bluegrass we value our customers and want you to receive years of enjoyment from your investment. Give us a call at (314) 770-2828 to schedule an on-site visit or request a consultation here.