Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for Fall

Fall is here! At least, it will be by the end of the month. While this is a busy time for many industries as we commemorate Back to School, start preparing for upcoming holidays, sales, end-of-year quotas, etc.

No matter what business you’re in, Fall is a transitional period — and a time for brick and mortar offices, complexes, and shops to refresh and renew their landscaping. We’re saying goodbye to sunflowers and hello to mums. But it’s not time to put the mower or lawn tools away for winter quite yet!

Here is a quick list of things that your commercial landscape will need to be prepared for Fall and the cooler months to come.

Replace Seasonal Plants

Remember back in April or May when you planted those brightly colored flowers to commemorate spring? Chances are, they’re not looking so great right now. Any annual or seasonal plants that you planted back in Spring will need to be removed as they start wilting, dying, and becoming an eyesore on your landscape.

But, when it’s out with the old, it’s in with the new! Mums are always a great seasonal favorite to bring a festive touch to your commercial landscape. Available in reds, oranges, and yellows, these Fall plants will bring a warm, cozy touch to your place of business. Bring on the color!

Remove Debris

When leaves start falling, it’s important to keep up with the debris and clear it out as it falls. An accumulation of leaves left too long on your commercial landscape is not only unsightly, but it can attract critters and insects that you don’t want hanging around your office.

See any dead limbs on bushes or trees? Fall is the perfect time to take care of dead or dying limbs. Since trees and shrubs aren’t spending all of their extra energy, as in the growing season, cutting off sections will be less likely to shock or injure the plant. If leaves have already started falling, you might have the added benefit of being able to see what you’re doing more clearly. Overall, this makes for a great time to cut back limbs and get your plants ready for the next season!

Refresh Your Mulch

While you might not want to do a complete overhaul and replace your mulch right before winter, you will notice that your mulch isn’t what it used to be. Long, hot summers put a lot of wear and tear on mulch, and it will cause the color to fade and not look as fresh. Replacing your mulch before winter, however, can be an unnecessary additional cost.

Refreshing, or “turning over” your mulch can give it a new look, while still letting the mulch make it a full year without replacement. Turning over mulch is exactly what it sounds like: using a rake or other equipment to flip, fluff, and freshen up the mulch around your commercial landscape. This helps even out the colors and give it a less stale look.

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll have your commercial landscape looking great and ready for Fall!