Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for Summer Droughts

Your commercial property doesn’t have to be in Death Valley to experience droughts.  In fact, just a week of hot, dry weather in the summer can wreak havoc your turf and plants.  With temperatures on the rise and drought conditions becoming more prevalent, there is a greater need to prepare your commercial landscape to weather the heat so it can remain looking professional even during the dryest parts of the season.

Preparing for drought conditions doesn’t merely involve making sure your irrigation system can handle the added use.  In periods of severe drought, municipalities may restrict water use for irrigation so if your property doesn’t have other ways to conserve water, your property could dry up.


Using native plants and trees in your landscape can greatly reduce water usage.  They use less water than non-native ones and they’re naturally tolerant of the natural and extreme temperature changes we can experience in the St. Louis area.  They tend to have longer and more extensive root systems so they can retain more moisture in their roots.  Where plants are placed is an important factor in water usage as well.  Grouping plants together into climate zones that have similar water needs can help reduce water usage as well as reducing wasteful overwatering because you can program your smart irrigation system accordingly.


Your commercial property’s lawn drinks the most of the water used on the landscape each year.  By mowing the grass high so the roots grow longer, fertilizing and reseeding it so it grows thick to keep moisture in and weeds out, and watering for longer, infrequent periods to promote long roots, your lawn will be able to survive dryer periods and use less water too.


A smart irrigation system can water your property efficiently and use little water to achieve a lush property.  By using rain sensors and climate zone watering, a smart irrigation system can direct the right amount of water to the right areas at the right time.  Before the dry weather hits, it’s important to have your irrigation system inspected to ensure any leaks are repaired and that all sprinkler heads are working and pointing in the right direction.


Applying mulch around trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds makes your property look neat and professional but mulch serves a more important purpose―it retains moisture.  It keeps the soil beneath from drying too quickly.  It also keeps weeds from growing and competing with your other plants for precious water.

Don’t panic. Droughts happen but they don’t last forever.  By creating a landscape that conserves and retains water, your property will be prepared when conditions are dry and your property will continue to look green during a drought.

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