Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter Weather

As we are currently enjoying the beautiful fall season that the Midwest has to offer, it is time to plan ahead for the upcoming winter weather that will arrive next. By planning ahead, you can enjoy the winter season and your business will not be caught off guard when the ice and snow arrives.

Dealing with snow and ice removal is something property managers need to take seriously in order to keep their building tenants and visitors safe throughout the winter. Coming up with a complete snow and ice removal plan a head of time is important in order to avoid any costly mistakes. Now is the perfect time for property managers to assess the needs of their property and take care of any repairs that need to be tended to.

The following are some tips to help get your property ready for the upcoming winter season.

  • Create a slip, trip, and fall prevention plan. Having a plan like this already created will help things go more smoothly if something were to happen.
  • Create a plan that explains the steps to ensure sidewalks and parking lots are free of snow and ice accumulations.
  • Sign up for or review your snow removal contract before the winter weather begins.
  • Keep salt, ice melt, and shovels on hand.
  • Purchase a few ice scrapers for employees and visitors in case they are in need.
  • Make sure all of your snow blowers, plows, and shovels are in working condition.
  • Verify all outdoor lighting is working properly to help prevent any accidents.
  • Make sure your irrigation system is winterized. Be sure to drain the irrigation system of water and shut down the control box until spring.
  • Assess all downspouts and roofs for the correct drainage.
  • Remove all water that has drained from downspouts and roofs across the main walking areas.
  • Clear out all gutters. Gutters that are full of leaves and debris can become clogged and lead to water gathering on your roof, which can cause leaks and water damage.
  • Place appropriate mats and warnings signs for wet walking surfaces both inside and outside the building.
  • Create a weather emergency plan that includes a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, weather radio, and an emergency contact list.
  • Make a plan for possible power outages. Include ideas for maintaining heat and preventing pipes from freezing.
  • Complete a full test of generators to make sure they are ready to use and get them serviced in time, if need be.

Unfortunately, we all know accidents can happen. Preparing for winter weather conditions is extremely important for the safety of your workers and the visitors who enter your building. Contact Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management today at (314) 770-2828 so our team can help you prepare your property for the upcoming winter season.