Safety Matters: How the Right Landscaping Plan Keeps Commercial Tenants and Visitors Safe

More often than not, landscaping is thought of in terms of beauty and aesthetics. A well-maintained landscape is a beautiful landscape. While there’s no question that’s true, did you know that a well-maintained landscape is also a safer landscape? A property that is well cared for is going to pose less risk to your visitors and tenants.

As a property manager, safety is something that is constantly on your mind and finding ways to minimize risk is critical. Here are a few key ways in which proper landscaping can do just that.

Well-Managed Runoff

When a heavy rainfall strikes is your property absolutely overcome with rain? If it is, then this can create hazards for your tenants and visitors. Water rushing across your hardscaping or flooding your parking lot is, at the minimum, a nuisance. But it can also be dangerous. In the short term, it can cause people to slip and fall. In the long term, it can damage your building’s foundation, erode exterior hardscaping, or even cause mold and mildew to grow.

If rainwater poses an issue on your commercial property, you need a stormwater management solution that will reduce runoff and make your property safer.

One such solution is a rain garden. This is a unique solution for addressing stormwater runoff which is gaining popularity. A rain garden is a collection of native shrubs, perennials, and flowers which are installed in a depressed area of the landscape. This helps collect, hold, and “soak in” rainwater runoff from hardscapes.

Proper Tree Care

Trees offer a lot of value to a commercial property—but they can also pose a tremendous amount of risk if they’re not properly maintained. Branches that are not thoroughly trimmed back from walkways can scrape passersby or even obstruct security cameras or lighting. Even worse, dead or dying limbs can pose a risk of falling which can be dangerous (and cause for a potential lawsuit) for anyone walking or driving on your property.

Fortunately, proper tree care can prevent these problems from becoming an issue. For instance, pruning will ensure that branches which are dead, diseased, dying, or damaged are removed so that they don’t pose a fall risk. In addition, any branches that could potentially snag a pedestrian can also be trimmed back. It might sound like a minor deal but “eye pokes” are actually one of the top landscape injuries to occur! A landscape company that is cognizant of branches that pose threats will prevent this risk.

Similarly, pruning should also take care of any tree branches that have obstructed lights or security cameras so that these features can function properly. Removing excess growth can also improve sightlines and visibility, making it a lot safer for folks to be walking around your property at any time of day or night.

Safe Walkways and Other Hardscaping

If you have any hardscaped areas around your property which were not installed correctly or are beginning to malfunction, then they may not only create an eyesore but pose a risk as well. For instance, concrete walkways or patios that are cracking can create trip and fall hazards to your tenants and visitors. Even pavers that were installed improperly and are now lifting up can pose risks.

If you have hardscaping problems like this, you may want to consider replacing portions—or even the entire structure. Properly installed pavers are a much better choice in terms of safety as well as aesthetics. They create a much more appealing look for your commercial space.

Thorough Snow and Ice Management

Finally, we would be remiss in not mentioning the importance of snow and ice management in terms of property safety. Slip and fall accidents are a huge liability and avoiding them makes it imperative that the snow and ice on your commercial property are being properly addressed. Choosing a company that understands the importance of managing these tasks properly will be key to producing a safer property even during the winter season.

Choosing a Landscape Company that Keeps Safety in Mind

Safety is at the forefront of your mind which is why you want to choose a landscape company who can empathize with your concerns. You want a company that truly understands just how important it is that your property be well-managed and safe. The last thing that you want is to hire a landscape company that not only fails to understand the value of creating a safe environment, but that makes mistakes which make your property even more dangerous as a result.

By choosing to work with Bluegrass, you can feel confident that you’re handing your landscaping needs over to a company that “gets it.” Like you, we understand and value the importance of safety and it helps lead the decisions that we make. Our dedication to the work we do will give you the peace of mind that you’re in good hands.