Senior Living: An Outdoor Summer Oasis

Wisdom comes with age, but so do a lot of other less desirable things like joint pain and decreased memory. Despite the challenges, these older years are often golden, and you can help make them especially lovely when green spaces are accessible and well-crafted during the summer months to allow the seniors in your care to experience a stress-free life in harmony with the natural world. Summer is the best season of the year, and the elderly deserve to experience it in full!

Enjoying Senior Living

Living in a senior care facility certainly has its perks! With a dedicated staff that caters to all the needs of its residents 24/7, the elders in your care are truly living the good life. However, it’s easy to forget that people of all ages need to interact with nature every now and then and having an appropriate and navigable outdoor space will make senior living even more enjoyable for your clients. Constructing a beautiful and senior-friendly outdoor space doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, you’re only one consultation away from a well-constructed and maintained landscape with Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal.

Gardening Greatness

The hardest part about landscape design for senior care centers or any other commercial property is choosing the specific elements of your landscape. This decision is only difficult because there are so many wonderful options to choose from, so it’s a good problem to have. When constructing a landscape for a senior care facility or a hospital, it is important to remember to have a variety of features in your landscape to allow your clients an exploratory experience in traversing through your landscape.

In addition to planting trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers, making sure your pathways are even and smooth is especially important for seniors who are likely less stable on their feet, having ample seating is another must for senior care centers. Considering the needs of your residents when planning is what Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management does best. With any professional landscaping service, you should clearly express your goals and ask questions to help your chosen service know how to best serve you. Open communication can make your landscaping process even better!

The Best Summer

Summers for the seniors in your care are likely less exciting than they were back in their glory days, but their days of fun in the sun are not over yet with a properly constructed and maintained landscape. A special treat for your seniors during the spring and early summer are flowering trees and other blooming plants. Watching the landscape change with the increasing warm weather will provide an entertaining spectacle for the seniors in your care. Additionally, having well-timed blooms throughout the season will add a pop of color to further cheer up your residents and encourage them to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Final Thoughts

Summer is the best season for seniors as it’s the perfect time for them to get outside, feel the sun, and breathe air that’s filled with the scent of lovely blooming plants. It is especially important that your landscape is accessible and well planned with seating areas and variety and taking measures to ensure it is well-maintained will further increase its utility and beauty. If you need landscape maintenance or construction for your senior care center, Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management has you covered. Contact them today for a free consultation!