Our Snow Guide Book

At Bluegrass Landscaping and Maintenance, we create and maintain landscapes for our customers that are beautifully manicured and professional, and through the changing seasons, we make sure that each property looks its best.  When winter rolls around, plants and turf go dormant, pests go into hibernation, and everything ceases until spring.  But we don’t!  We’re not sitting around on our laurels!  We’ve got snow to move!

Bluegrass provides full snow and ice removal services, working 24-hours-a-day during storms to ensure that our customers’ properties are safe for tenants, employees, and customers.  As a property manager, you have a responsibility to your building’s occupants to do everything reasonably possible to provide a safe campus to walk and travel on.  According to the CDC, each year more than 800,000 people are hospitalized due to slipping and falling, many during the winter months on walkways that have not safely been cleared.  We not only do the work for you, we also keep thorough records of when each property was treated in case you have a slipping accident.

We have a huge fleet of snow removal vehicles made up of skid steers, loaders, backhoes with which we use Arctic Sno-pushers, as well as ATV’s and over 100 plows.  Our sidewalk crews use various equipment to clear snow from walkways and Ice B’Gone deicers to make them virtually ice-free.

Bluegrass offers several different pricing options such as seasonally, per push, hourly, per inch, etc. to fit your snow removal needs as well as your budget.  Unlike other snow removal companies, our services include weather monitoring which allows us to know what products and equipment to use for every hour of the storm.  We use Weatherpros which gives us up-to-date surface temperatures which are vital for the right treatment of the storm’s mix.

Our commercial clients are big and small and include many with special circumstances such as hospitals with helipads and parking garages.  Each property is unique and has its own requirements when it comes to snow removal.

Bluegrass Landscaping has compiled a Snow Removal Guidebook to help commercial property owners and managers choose the right snow removal contractor for their campuses.  With so many things to consider such as bidding style, expectations, what is included in services, if they can handle special surfaces, and how they would treat your property, our guidebook will answer all your questions about securing the right company for your snow removal needs.

The end of summer is the best time to hire your snow removal contractor for the upcoming winter, so download our guidebook today!