Snow Removal and De-icing – DIY or hiring the PROS?

Thinking about the first snow can be overwhelming. While most of us enjoy the winter views, having your property sidewalk, or parking lot, filled with snow or ice can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Snow can cause loss of traction for vehicles driving through your business; it also causes falls for people. Studies show that 90% of these falls happen in areas with 1 inch of snow.

Of course, as a business owner, your primary concern is safety. The last thing you want is for somebody to slip within your property, get hurt and then, sue you. To avoid that, the law –in many states –sets the responsibility of snow removal and deicing on the owners. In Missouri, specifically, it is required that business owners keep their sidewalks clear; otherwise, they could be fined.

Shoveling and snow plowing may seem like an uncomplicated task –until you have to do it yourself. In places where winter brings a considerable amount of ice and snow, choosing between a DIY method and hiring professionals should be a no-brainer. Here are the advantages of having professional snow removal:

Safety increase. The most obvious is to think about the person who can fall, but attempting to remove snow and ice it is as risky. While shoveling may feel like a natural activity for those who grew up in cold places, there’s a certain amount of strength needed to do it well without injuring oneself. The combination of severe weather and strenuous exercise can even be fatal for some people. Each year, thousands of people hurt their backs due to poor snow removal techniques.

Quick and productive work. Depending on how large your sidewalk is, the amount of time required to clear it properly can be from one to several hours –daily. Hiring a professional company –with adequate equipment and gear –will save you time. Also, the results will be unparalleled. Most of the people are uninformed when it comes to snow removal processes and end up damaging their sidewalks and property. When individuals shovel, the last layer of ice or snow mostly stays. If it gets through the cracks of the asphalt, it can damage it. Other potential damages can be done to the landscaping, parking lots, or even the building’s exterior.

Aesthetics. Businesses must provide a clean, great-looking view. A snowy landscape, filled with tire tracks and footprints, gives the appearance of being neglected. With the right technology, the area surrounding your property can look clean, alluring, and well-maintained –even during white winters.

Lastly, there’s the matter of convenience. The last thing a business wants to worry about is snow removal or deicing. Why attempting an onerous, risky task when a professional can do it better and faster? Don’t risk your property, your safety, or your consumers’ –hire a professional company and get top-quality results.

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