Do You Have Your Snow Removal Lined Up?

Don’t wait until the first storm of the season hits to make your snow and ice removal preparations.  What most people see as the first beautiful blanket of snow, insurance companies see as an expensive liability.  With more than 90% of walkway injuries happening in less than an inch of snow, it’s vital that all of your walkways and parking lots be thoroughly cleared and treated this winter to avoid any costly falls.

The good news is that it’s not too late!  At Bluegrass, we’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

Our Equipment.

Having the right equipment for the job is important.  Our vast fleet of snow and ice removal equipment includes trucks, snow pushers, loaders, backhoes, plows, ATV’s, and sidewalk equipment.  We strictly maintain all our equipment so it’s always prepared to handle the challenges of the biggest blizzard or the toughest ice storm.  Our equipment is always as ready as we are!

Our Monitoring Service.

We closely monitor storms and weather conditions so we can clear and treat your property quickly and efficiently.  We not only monitor storms before they hit, but we keep a close eye on conditions during and after the storm as well.  Just a few degrees’ drop in temperature can mean the difference between plowing or deicing an area.  By using The Weather Pros, we can make the right decision for servicing your property to ensure it is safe for your employees, tenants, or customers.

Our De-icers.

Although there are many deicing products on the market, we’ve found that Ice B’Gone Magic is the highest performing deicing product available.  It works longer at lower temperatures, is safer on all surfaces, is more environmentally friendly, is 100% biodegradable, and is safe for use around pets.  It’s available in a liquid that is sprayed directly on surfaces or in granular form which is rock salt that has been treated with Ice B’Gone liquid.  Ice B’Gone provides superior performance even in the harshest conditions.

Our People.

Last but most importantly is our people.  We have a full staff always ready to put in the time and work that each storm may require.  Our snow and ice removal crews are experienced in making properties safe to walk and drive on during and after a storm.  It’s a job that requires dedication and long hours, and we hire good people who will do the job completely and correctly the first time.  We are firm believers in the importance of strong customer relationships and the key to a satisfied customer is hiring a good and dedicated staff.

Making snow and ice removal arrangements as early as possible will give you peace of mind that your property will be safe and open for business when a storm hits, but it will also give us the ability to ensure that we’ve prepared enough supplies for the upcoming season.  Call Bluegrass today at (314)770-2828 and we’ll develop a snow and ice removal plan for you and get a contract in place so you’ll be ready when the snow arrives.