Snow Removal: Protecting Your Clients and Your Business

Snow, ice, and everything nice make up the beautiful wonderland that is the Midwest during Winter. It is truly one of the loveliest times of year where everything is left encased in beautiful formations of ice and snow that glisten in the sunlight. This ethereal beauty is a joy to witness when you don’t have to go outside in it. Falls and accidents caused by snow and ice punctuate the otherwise serene beauty of the winter season. Fortunately, the hazards of the winter can be mitigated by proper management of snow and ice, making your walkways, landscapes, and parking lots safe and accessible all year round!

Let It Snow!

Snow is known for being one of the most beautiful forms of precipitation, it coats the world in delicately glistening blankets, but snow can put a serious damper on getting business done. In fact, for some industries, the winter causes a complete shutdown. However, for most year-round businesses, snow mostly causes the slowing down of productivity as it takes longer for employees to arrive safely at work, and many clients are reluctant to drive on snowy days– for good reason. The winter slows us down, which is great during the holidays; it allows us to spend time with family, and enjoy the cold, but after the New Year, the cold can begin to feel a bit overwhelming.

Even though the weather can’t be changed, your business can stay ready for any clients ready to brave the cold! Having a snow removal plan in place with your local agency will make it possible for your walkways and parking lots to be safe and welcoming as soon as possible after snow falls. Choosing a snow removal agency that values speed but also has a keen eye for ensuring your surfaces are safe will go a long way in earning you a good reputation in the community you serve, and it exemplifies how much you value the safety of those who use your services.

Safe and Secure

Ensuring your clients are safe not only gives your business a well-deserved reputation for valuing your visitors, but it also ensures that you are free from the fear of being liable for injuries. Having safe walkways will protect your business from most winter related incidents as there will be a lower hazard of slips and falls. Keeping your walk and drive surfaces free from ice and snow will give everyone who visits your business peace of mind. The best way to do this is by creating a snow and ice management plan with a local agency.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let snow and ice ruin your plans! As you continue braving this winter season, we encourage you to ensure your snow and ice management plan is up to date so that you can be ready to tackle any challenges the colder months may bring. If you need help creating a new snow management plan or would like to update yours for the remainder of this winter or next winter, please contact Bluegrass Lawncare and Snow Management today for a consultation.