Spring Landscape Assessment For Commercial Properties


Spring is on its way. Winter won’t last forever. For those living in the St. Louis metropolitan area, this means it will soon be time to give your commercial property a bit of a sprucing up. If you haven’t already, consider a landscape site assessment. Having your property professionally inspected at least once a year helps to ensure that you aren’t missing any important aesthetic opportunities that can lead to happier and higher paying customers.

During a spring site assessment, professional landscape companies can make a comprehensive list of all of the ways your property can improve in the months ahead. The often bleak St. Louis winter can have your customers wanting to see something fresh and new when spring comes around. A few landscape enhancements can go a long way in attracting more customers from nearby competitors.

During the winter, the green spaces around your commercial property undergo a lot of stress. This stress shows itself in wilting, browning, and other manifestations of winter’s effects. You may even notice dead patches. This can be caused by snow mold, cold desiccation, or other common causes of winter turf damage. During a site assessment, a profession can inspect your commercial property for these unsightly problem areas and present a plan for remedying these areas.

A tried and true way to breathe life back into your faded vegetation is to plant new, vibrant flowers that match the spirit of spring. A team of professional landscapers can plot out colorful seasonal plant displays that will impress potential customers as they drive by. Flowers and green foliage in planters or garden beds can draw attention to your signage and entrances. This helps eliminate the frustration that customers feel when they get confused and can’t find what they are looking for quickly.

After addressing your property’s greenery, you should also consider if your commercial property is in need of hardscaping. If your business is in need of major hardscape updates, spring is the perfect time to prioritize installation. This process can include repairs to existing hardscape or completely new installations. The right hardscaping specialists can execute your vision or propose the right look for your commercial property’s needs and budget.

At Bluegrass, we work with a variety of hardscaping materials to make your dreams a reality. Anything from stone retaining walls to outdoor entertaining and dining areas made from pavers. We have a long history of working on commercial properties throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and our clients can attest to the fact that we’ve worked on almost every kind of project you can think of. If you think that your commercial property could use a permanent hardscaping fixture, we can offer you timely and beautiful solutions this spring.

So, whether you’re looking for a refresh on your greenery or hardscape, or even both, Bluegrass can help. We have the experience and the expertise to make your commercial property stand out from your competitors’. You can schedule your property’s spring site assessment today by calling (314) 770-2828.