Spring Planning for Your Landscape

Spring is just around the corner which means it is now time to start planning your business landscaping needs! Your business landscape is an instrumental part of the first impression any client or potential employee will see. If you want to place your business ahead of the competition, working with a landscape company can do just that!

Here are some of the most important first steps to starting your preparation for spring cleaning! 

The Actual Cleanup

First step, the clean up! After winter there will naturally be some debris such as dead plants, shrubs, or even grass that will need to be taken care of or treated.

Once the snow clears and you get rid of the waste and dead greenery, you also want to make sure you prepare for insects and animal control so when your shrubs and flowers get planted, they remain healthy.

After cleaning up, the fun can begin. Looking at the clean, fresh landscape will give such creativity for the next step of this process. 

The Design Process

The design process is exciting! There may already be a classic look in place that you have been working with for years now, which is very convenient for the winter season. Now is the time to plan out flowers to bloom all spring long! Working with a landscaper will ensure flowers blooms are scheduled for different times of the year for the beautiful look all season long. You can coordinate your flower beds to have a beautiful spring filled with colors and vibrancy. 


Once the design process has been completed, it is now time for planting. Keep in mind, some plants are visible immediately and some will take time to grow or bloom. It is important to have patience and enjoy each season of your landscape. For those in charge, it is recommended to keep a chart or grid maps so you are aware of each area of planting and bloom season. Landscaping is not a one time experience, it is continuous maintenance and growth to remain a top notch visuals for your business. 

Each Property Is Unique

Keep in mind, every property is different in the shape of the land, to the water flow, to how much lighting is received and will have its own unique spring cleaning matters. While everyone will have these three general ideas to work from, your business’s landscape is going to be vastly different than your neighbors which is going to entail a completely different design process and action plan. 

Talking things out with your landscaping company is the best way to square away all of the unique concerns and questions you will have in regards to spring cleaning! And don’t wait to start the process! Get ahead of it today as we are near halfway through winter!