Summer Blooms to Plant Now!

Summertime is fast approaching which means bright sunshine and long warm days – the perfect time of year for flower gardens to thrive. There are so many summer flowers to choose from that can provide beautiful color and that will shine throughout the summer growing season! Before making your choice of which type of flowers to plant it is important to understand what each flower requires in order to show off during the summer months.

Oftentimes, the best type of flowers to grow during the summer months are perennial plants. Perennial plants are a type of plant that usually bloom for only one season each year. They come in so many different colors and are often the native plants that support local ecosystems. Perennials often require less water once established and are a good long-term investment because they return year after year.

Here are the best types of perennial plants to grow for your summer garden showcase:


Petunias are a great flower that can bloom until early November and can thrive in the heat of the summer months. These types of flowers are generally low-maintenance and can be some of the easiest flowers to grow because they can grow in many different places such as flower beds or planters. 


Daisies are another great option to grow during the summer months. You can begin in the spring by planting in the flower bed and be excited to see the beautiful flowers come back year after year with little to no maintenance. Daisies thrive best with more sunlight, which makes it the perfect flower to plant in more open spaces.


Zinnias are vibrant in color and are one of the few spring flowers that can be planted in early summer and still continuously bloom and grow. Zinnias are versatile and can grow in a variety of spaces – containers, planters or flower beds – which makes them an easy flower to maintain. Zinnias are also one of the easiest flowers to grow as they grow quickly and bloom heavily and will produce flowers all the way up to the first frost of the fall.


Tulips come in many shades of color which can add so much depth to any landscape! These flowers are easy to maintain and are a simple way to boost your landscape. Tulips are self-sustaining making them low-maintenance and a colorful choice for your summer garden.

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