Sustainable Landscaping with Native Plants

Sustainability is important for protecting the planet and the local environment. Small actions you take can make a big difference, using less water and electricity, fertilizing your landscape properly, and ensuring that your runoff is controlled can have a large positive effect on your local environment. In addition to all these little adjustments, you can make a very important stylistic and environmental choice by opting to utilize native plants in your landscape which will save you money and time, getting the most bang for your buck!

Plant Planning

One of the most exciting aspects of creating a landscape for your business is choosing the plants that will be a part of the layout. The specific plants in your softscape can create an aesthetic that suits your business perfectly. For example, planting many evergreen trees and shrubs will keep your landscape green all winter long while planting flowering plants will give you vibrant color in the warmer months of the year. In the past, choosing plants was almost solely dependent on aesthetics. This led to issues such as the introduction of many invasive species and overfertilization of landscapes; both of which damage and endanger the local fauna.

Thankfully, in the modern landscaping community, there is a larger focus on responsibly choosing plants that look wonderful and have a positive impact on the environment. Generally, the best plants for any landscape are those that are native to the area. These are noninvasive and built to survive in the local climate. These plants fit in well and create a natural and inviting look while retaining the beauty of a professionally designed landscape.

Beautifully Sustainable

Utilizing native plants is great for the environment, aesthetics, and cost as well. Native plants are already acclimated to the soil conditions of your landscape and possible pests in the area, meaning they have a natural tolerance for the conditions and an added resistance against pesky insects, fungi, and microbes. These plants will require less irrigation, less fertilizer, and significantly less stressful and costly upkeep. Additionally, native plants are easier to source and are far more likely to grow beautifully and successfully. 

Responsible landscaping is an art form, and it has a very beautiful expression. Taking action to invest in thoughtful landscaping for your business demonstrates how much you care about the local environment and the health of the planet. It may seem like your actions are small compared to the grand scheme of things, but it will certainly have a large impact on keeping your surroundings clean and free of invasive species and excess chemicals and fertilizers.

Final Thoughts

The Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management team cares deeply about the needs of the local and global environment, and they take steps to ensure they are acting sustainably while performing quality landscaping services. They are an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to making sound environmental decisions, fully equipped to boost the sustainability of your landscape and increase its aesthetic appeal as well. If you need sustainable landscaping services for your business, contact Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management for a consultation.