The 5 Best Shrubs for Midwest Landscaping and Gardens


If you’re looking to increase the curb appeal at your property or neighborhood, a good way to do it is by outfitting the property with hardy shrubs. While the temptation to plant shrubs that have gorgeous blooms is high, it isn’t always your best bet. A lot of the time, these shrubs won’t be able to stand the sometimes harsher climates that are found in the Midwest.

Check out these five shrubs that are guaranteed to stand whatever weather is thrown at them!

1. Dogwood

Dogwood performs exceptionally well in the Midwest, and there are quite a few varieties of it to choose from, all of which have their intended uses. If you’re looking for a corner anchor, or perhaps a screening shrub, consider the Elegantissima variety, as it can grow up to ten feet in height. If you need something a little smaller, consider silverleaf dogwood. This shrub grows up to seven feet tall and five feet wide, with gorgeous purple branches and variegated leaves.

2. Potentilla

Potentilla are wonderful, small flowering shrubs that make for an excellent liner for fences or walkways. They typically reach two to three feet in height, and produce small, colorful flowers. They are tolerant of just about everything, and can grow in soil that’s high in alkaline or that compacts easily. Potentilla are often seen, and for good reason – they can’t be killed, even if you’re trying to, in most cases.

3. Privet

Privet are the perfect hedging shrub, so much so that they’re typically referred to as privet hedges rather than shrubs. If you’re looking for a shrub that looks crisp, and can take shearing well, then you’ll want to look into privet, specifically. Privet typically prefer partial shade to full sun, and like moist soil (but not a wet one, don’t overwater these guys). Some specific species of privet are sem-evergreen, or entirely evergreen, as well, making them a fantastic year round shrub.

4. Wintercreeper

Wintercreeper isn’t always looked at as a shrub, as it makes excellent trailing ground cover (hence the name), but it can be pruned and trained to stand upright, as well. Pruning will be necessary with this species if being used as a shrub rather than ground cover, as it does grow very quickly. If you’re a bit far north, they’re not as hardy as they are in more southern regions of the Midwest, but for the most part, they’re a strong shrub that comes in a variety of foliage, adding a beautiful accent to any property.

5. Blue Mist Shrub

Blue mist shrub may be one of the most versatile flowering shrubs on this list. While they are a hardy shrub, they are also just a little bit more sensitive than the other shrubs on this list, as well. They are unhappy with even the slightest bit of overwatering, but if that can be avoided then you’ll have a shrub that can do it all on your hands. Blue mist shrubs are heat and drought tolerant, deer resistant, and attract pollinators! They’re easily one of the best shrubs available for landscaping in the Midwest.

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