The Best Places to Add Fall Color to Your Commercial Property

Fall is right around the corner, and with that comes a chill in the air and an exciting sense of change. Many people welcome the fall season with a warm embrace. It is a beautiful time of year that brings lovely fall colors that can be found through different plants. 

With a little bit of planning, annuals and other fall improvements can enhance your commercial property and bring it to the next level of aesthetic appeal. With that in mind, you might be wondering where the best place to add fall color is. You undoubtedly want to make sure that you get as much visibility and value out of any additions you make that you can. 

There are many areas you can add fall color to enhance your property, but the following four locations should top on your list. 

  • Front Entryway

The front entrance of your commercial property is the most important area to consider when adding more aesthetic appeal. This area is where you will get the most attention; therefore, it makes sense to focus your fall color on this spot. There are many fall choices that will work well if you choose to add a flower bed. Mums are hardy and come in many colors such as yellow, burgundy, orange, and pink. They also blend well with other fall favorites including ornamental kale, pansies, violas, and different ornamental grasses. 

  • Employee and Guest Gathering Area

If you have an area where employees and guests can gather, consider adding fall color to that space. By doing so, you can create a more appealing space for them with bright fall colors. Consider adding plant beds in this area if you don’t already have them or incorporating fall color through container gardens. If you want to get really creative, add some fun pieces such as hay bales, cornstalks, or pumpkins. Although these types of additions may seem simple, they go a long way and make a major impact in terms of spirit and overall appeal. 

  • Intersections

If your commercial property is big enough to have intersections, this is another great place to add seasonal color. These areas are known to have a lot of traffic and therefore have a lot of visibility. Intersections are a great place to incorporate plant beds, making it another area where seasonal flower rotations can be displayed. Once again, you could also add other seasonal items such as pumpkins, hay bales, and scarecrows. 

  • Building Interiors

The inside of your commercial building might be the last place you would think to add fall color. However, it is a great place to add some flowers and to create seasonal appeal. Afterall, this is what your clients and potential customers will see when they first walk in. Adding fall color to the inside only provides a continuation of the welcoming feeling they felt outside. Including potted mums, hay bales, and other seasonal color to a main lobby or common area adds a nice feel-good aspect to the atmosphere. 

As the owner of a commercial property, you want to make sure it looks its best throughout the fall season. Therefore, you deserve to work with a professional landscaping company who will help you make the right decisions. This includes help with where to add fall color as well as what will look the best. Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management is the right partner for you. Call us today at (314) 770-2828 as there are many fall plants to choose from and our experts can help create a layout that works best for your property.