The Color of Winter

Old Man Winter is upon us, yet you still want your residents to enjoy the beauty of these frosty days. This can be a challenge when the skies are gray, the branches are bare, temperatures are getting colder, and the color that once filled the lush landscaping has disappeared. Now is the time to give new life to what this season is typically not known for. Trying to figure out where to start can be the hardest part. Don’t fret, Bluegrass Landscape will guide you through every aspect of commercial landscaping. We want to help you enhance your curb appeal and stir the curiosity of new and potential residents to your facility, while bringing joy to those you already serve.


The Color of Winter


Deciding what to plant and where to plant needs to be strategic. We are here to help you create landscape areas that can be enjoyed by each and every resident. The addition of hearty plants such as evergreens and winterberry shrubs will add just the right amount of color to brighten even the dreariest of days. Your residents will enjoy these changes, along with updated hardscape such as rock and stone to give a polished and well-maintained look to any senior living facility. The addition of outside string-lighting will give even the coldest of days a warm glow. 


Safety First


Landscaping should not be your only concern for your residents during these winter months……safety is another. Although the temperatures have primarily stayed above freezing so far, winter is still far from over. We still have colder temperatures and the possibility of snow and ice in the coming months. You will want to make sure that your residents are able to get around without the chances of falling or not being able to leave the facility at all. When the weather is less than ideal, Bluegrass is here to the rescue. We provide snow removal and ice management that will allow your employees safe passage into the facility so that they are able to care for those you serve, as well as safety for your residents. 


Final Thoughts


Seasons are an inevitable part of life, there will always be summers, there will always be winters. But in every season, we can find the beauty that is our world. For those who reside in a senior living facility, their world is the window in their room, the porch under the front portico, the well maintained patio with a few gardening beds or a serene courtyard with beautiful flowers. Wherever your residents find that peaceful place, make it a place that brings them joy year round. 


Bluegrass Landscaping has a team of experts that can walk you through the process to create beautiful landscaping that will add life and color to the most wintry of days. Contact us today at (314) 770-2828 to discover how we can take the worry out of your landscaping and snow removal needs. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.