The Importance of Outdoor Spaces for Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities today, whether they’re assisted living or retirement communities, have a greater focus on creating a comfortable place for their residents to call home that includes areas for relaxing and for activities, indoors and out.  The goals are better health and wellbeing for residents and creating an inviting place for new residents or families looking to find a place where an aging family member can call home.

Why It’s Important

There are many ways that activities and a community environment can benefit elderly residents.

It gives them a sense of home and community.   Leaving one’s longtime home and loved ones behind to live in an unfamiliar place with strangers can be traumatic.  By creating a community setting, he can become involved in activities and achieve a sense of belonging which can alleviate some of that anxiety.

For residents who must share a space with a roommate, having an outdoor space to meet with other people is a must.

It creates a routine.  Outdoor exercise spaces, walking paths, and community gardens can give residents routines to follow which gives them a feeling of normalcy.  Without some kind of routine, boredom and depression can set in.

It’s beneficial for dementia patients.  For people who are living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, outdoor activities can provide physical exercise which can actually improve memory and verbal expression, can lower stress and agitation, improves sleep habits, and can improve their self-esteem.  Brightly colored gardens can even stimulate memory.

It’s great for their health.  Aside from the physical benefits of moving the body, being outside increases Vitamin D which is so important for good mental health.  It also lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep.

Landscape Features for Senior Living Communities

Any outdoor features that get seniors out and moving or socializing in a safe and accessible way are beneficial to them.  It’s important to create areas that are easily accessible for those residents with mobility issues.

Flower or raised bed vegetable gardens where residents can assist can be rewarding for those with green thumbs.  There should be lots of seating and tables, particularly in shady areas, where residents can gather and eat or play board games.  Flat synthetic grass areas for games like bocce, croquet, and putting a golf ball can keep seniors moving and improve mobility and can bring indoor activities outside like yoga, tai chi, or other exercise classes.  Having paved walking paths around the facility that are flat and wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair allows residents to enjoy the property regardless of their mobility.  If space allows, how about a large, flat paved area for outdoor concerts and dancing or a pond for fishing?

It Is a Business, After All

People who own and run senior living communities are running a business and continually have to attract new residents.  By creating a beautiful outdoor area for current residents that is rich in color and activity, you’re improving its curb appeal to attract new residents or catch the eye of families who made need to find a home for an elderly relative.  Nobody wants to stick a loved one in a nursing home.  They want to find a new home where their loved one will be safe, active, and happy for years to come.  Having a welcoming place for them to visit their loved one is another plus for the facility.

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