The Mental Health Benefits of Commercial Landscaping


It is never too late to transform your commercial landscape into one you and your customers will truly enjoy. Greenspaces that are skillfully created can benefit your customers’ mental health and encourage your customers to return to your business. Welcoming and calming greenery around a commercial property helps relieve stress, mental fatigue, and depression. Anything from small, budget-friendly flower arrangements to a complete overhaul of your grounds can improve the quality of life for those that frequent your commercial property.

All across the United Sates, there are natural wonders that inspire and refresh vacationers. Why can’t your commercial property in the Midwest give people a similar feeling? Brief glimpses of nature significantly improves your brain performance and your quality of life. Customers don’t always explicitly notice the impact their surroundings have on them, but the importance of natural scenery has been a mainstay in American culture for a reason.

Even if your commercial property only has a small area in between where a customer parks and where a customer enters the building, touches of greenery can help change a person’s mood.
The influence of nature around your commercial property can improve the mood of your next customer to your benefit. The scent of flowers and the sight of greenery are calming and put customers in a different mindset before they walk in the door.

People also want to meet in areas that they find attractive. If your competitors in the area are offering a similar product, why not boost your commercial property by creating an outdoor entertainment or dining space? Meeting family, friends, or coworkers outside leads to better social interactions and enhances one’s mental health and well-being. Beautiful spaces can make for ideal spots for informal meetings and group activities that lead to an increase in sales for your business.

Your employees will also benefit from added greenery. Working at a business with more green space results in less mental distress, anxiety, and depression, along with increased productivity. Incorporating more natural elements into your commercial property helps employees relax, focus, and work on creative solutions to the day’s problems.

At Bluegrass, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality commercial landscaping and professional service. Our highly-skilled team members will help you upgrade your commercial property in ways that have an effect on your bottom line and your business’ reputation.

Our design team will work with you to determine how the form and function of a new natural element (or an update to an existing one) can best serve your customers and employees. After the design process, our installation team will bring the idea to life in a timely manner. We will then follow up with you to ensure that the job was done to your satisfaction.

If you think that your commercial property could use more natural elements that improve both your customers’ and your employees’ mental health, consider calling Bluegrass for a quote. Our customer service team will strive to understand your needs and get you the answers that you need. You can contact Bluegrass at (314) 770-2828.