The Top Landscaping Trends You Need Right Now

Ever go to buy a house and you walk up and decide to walk away because the landscaping seems incredibly outdated and there is no curb appeal? Well, there is not much difference when potential clients and customers walk up to your business and feel the effort is subpar. Updating your landscaping to stay on top of trends can be a big win for any business


Not everyone has to stay up to date on what’s in and what’s out in terms of how a property looks which is why we got you covered on the latest landscaping trends for commercial properties. 

Sustainable Methods

More and more businesses are becoming environmentally friendly and sustainable. The perfect way to do that is to bring in a garden to the property. Now, this is clearly beneficial for those who have kitchens and offer onsite food. Locally grown vegetables are a great effort to be sustainable. But this is also a win even for those who don’t have a kitchen. Offering employees to take part in taking home locally sourced food is a fantastic benefit that many current and future employees will be impressed with. For any business partners you work with that care about environmentally-friendly features, this is also a plus. 

Outdoor Work Space

Covid as we know it has changed the world. Being stuck inside now more than ever has become many people’s least favorite activity. That’s why landscaping an outdoor workspace or living space is an incredible idea for a company. Not only has this proven to promote productivity but it’s also why it can be so important to take care of your outside as you would inside. 

Vertical Gardens

Not everything has to be straight on. In fact, more and more companies are getting creative with vertical gardens but having vines and flower displays that stand on their own or outline the walls of the office building. Having multi-dimensional displays brings a different element of landscaping to your property that can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing. This can be done with flowers, plants, outside decor, and more. 

Think Outside the Box

While these are the tops trends to follow there is nothing stopping you from starting your own trend,. Taking slight changes to the things above or combining them can make your work property truly unique and inspirational. With a shift in desire for employees to be home using everything you got to keep them happy at work is important. This is why using sustainable methods and offering scenic outdoor workspaces or rest areas are key. 


There is always room for traditional and beautiful displays but taking the senses to a different level by working from the ground up and with different aromas, no one will be able to make it through the front door because of how beautiful the outside is. 


Don’t wait to start mixing it up now. These are easy fixes that any company can take advantage of with a good landscaping company.