The Value of Spring Cleanup Services for your Commercial Property

You already know that keeping your commercial property looking its best has a tremendous impact on its overall curb appeal. But winter weather can easily wreak havoc on your good intentions by making a mess of your landscape. This can create quite a bit of work to get it back to looking its best once springtime rolls around.

That’s why a professional spring cleanup service is so valuable.

With spring cleanup your goal is to get your property back into optimal shape so that it can start looking—and performing—its best once again.

What Should Be Included in Spring Cleanup?

While a plan can be customized to your property’s exact needs, some of the services that should be included as part of a spring cleanup service are pruning, mulching, and lawn cleanup. Oftentimes winter weather leaves behind fallen and blown debris that needs to be picked up from around the property.

Irrigation maintenance is also a valuable task often performed around the same time as a spring cleanup. An annual irrigation audit identifies problems before you start running the system (such as leaks). This is important. After all, when your irrigation system is running efficiently, you’ll be able to save water.

Of course, if it’s determined that your irrigation system is outdated, you might also want to take the springtime to upgrade to newer technology before you start running the system for another season. With new smart controllers and rain sensors, you can reduce the amount of money that you spend on irrigation.

Benefits Beyond Looks

There’s no question that you appreciate the tidy look of a property that has been cleaned up and well-maintained, but the benefits of spring cleanup go well beyond aesthetics. This service is also important to the overall health of your landscape.

By investing in services like pruning and mulching, you’re taking huge steps toward restoring your plants’ health and assisting them in continuing to perform their best. For instance, pruning involves removing damaged parts of your plants in order to help enhance their health. When the plant is no longer directing energy to try and restore a damaged (or even dead) part, it can focus energy on its overall health and performance. When pruned properly, your flowering shrubs may produce more brilliant blooms.

Proper mulching is also beneficial to your property’s plant beds. Mulch helps to retain the moisture for your plants. Mulch also acts as a barrier, helping to insulate your plants’ root systems, which are vital to their survival.

Even removing leaves, twigs, and other debris from the lawn can have health benefits. That’s because leaving debris on the grass can prevent sunlight from reaching your turf and cause dead spots. Piles of debris can also lead to unwanted fungal growth or can encourage pests or rodents to take up residence in your yard.

Get Off to a Great Start

Spring is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. By having a spring cleanup performed, you’ll get your property off to a great start for the new growing season. This will allow you to get the maximum curb appeal out of your commercial property and truly get the most out of your investment in your landscape.