Think About Winter Now!


It may be difficult to take a break from your summer activities and think about snow removal for your commercial property but there really is no better time to do it than when summer is here.  Waiting until the last minute will cause a lot of stress, limit your choices of contractors, and will usually cost you a lot more than planning early.  As they say, the early bird gets the worm! 

How Early Planning Benefits The Contractor

Lining up a snow removal contractor early is beneficial to both you and the contractor.  When there is no snow on the ground, the snow removal company can inspect your property and make a plan.  Your property may have areas that need extra attention or need to be avoided and being able to see the property before it is covered in snow will allow them to plan accordingly.  Snow removal companies need time to survey and plan for the time and equipment needed to handle your property.  They have to look at the number of walkways, size of parking lots, when you’re open for business, and the type of commercial property such as apartment complex, hospital, etc.  

Securing a contract early will also give the contractor time to stock up on deicer in the off-season when it’s cheaper which will save you money as well as the contractor.  It also allows the contractor to have time to ensure there is adequate staff to cover their contracts.

How Early Planning Benefits Property Owners

Planning early gives you more choice.  The good companies tend to go fast and if you wait too long, you’ll only have bottom-of-the-barrel choices left.  Getting it out of the way early means you’ll get a spot with the best, most reliable company.  

When choosing a company to do any kind of work on your commercial property, it’s always best to get bids from several providers.  Be clear with your expectations and make sure you’re clear with what they’re able to offer.  In this kind of business, you often get what you pay for and cheaper usually isn’t the best.  Good people and proper equipment cost money and if you’re going for the cheapest, they’ll likely be cutting corners.  Be sure to check references and ask a lot of questions.  Once you’ve got a few bids, you can make an informed decision.  

Securing a contract early will also give you time to ensure you have enough funding to cover the costs of your snow removal and avoid financial surprises.    

If you haven’t set up your snow removal contract yet, Bluegrass can help.  We have one of the leading snow removal operations in St. Louis.  We have a fleet of more than 100 pickup trucks with plows, skid loaders, ATVs, and ample crews with shovels that can handle anything Mother Nature throws our way.  We use Ice B’Gone Magic deicer to handle ice on walkways and roads because it’s highly effective and is 100% biodegradable and we use The Weather Pros monitoring service so we know how exactly to treat the ice and snow during winter storms.  

Call Bluegrass today at (314)770-2828 and we’ll help you get your snow removal contract out of the way so you can get back to enjoying summer while it’s here.