Three Winter Themes to Take Advantage of Right Now

It may be winter time, but there is no reason for a business to look dark and dreary!  Having a beautiful winter landscape set up can really help your business through the winter by enticing customers to stop by your business and uplifting your employees’ moods. 

We are past the holiday season, but there is plenty of time left for snowfall to come around which means taking advantage of winter landscapes is still relevant. Plus you may even find great discounts on certain decorations! 


Sometimes unpredictable weather can leave us with snow in March. That’s why landscaping with a snowglobe theme can be a great encouragement to get through the long winter months. Build a snowman or two and keep the twinkling lights around your business to embrace the snowfall as a magic winter wonderland. Beautiful blues and ambient yellow lights decorated around fountains and hedges are what will make your property sparkle. 

Christmas Year-Round

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year is it not? So if Hallmark can have Christmas in July so can we! Keep up the big inflatable Santas and leave the big red bows around light posts for as long as it is snowing. With Christmas being over you can get discounted Christmas trees and keep the fresh pine smell both in and out of the office. 

Who Doesn’t Love Love?

The holiday season technically isn’t over! For those who feel it’s best to get Christmas in and out the door, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to celebrate winter while also looking forward to spring coming. Get rid of the reds and greens and bring out the beautiful red and pink. Work with your landscapers to try something different and cut your hedges into heart shapes even if it is just for the leading week up to Valentine’s day. 

The Right Mood

Seasonal sadness certainly is a thing and the way to brighten up your property and leave good thoughts in both your employees and clients’ mind is to go the extra step to have pretty backgrounds and entryways to look at. If you not only keep your winter landscaping safe with snow removal but also look at how things can be decorated there is likely to be a lot of appreciation for the thought. Not every theme is for everyone but with thoughtful touches on a theme that does work like Snowville or Valentine’s Day, it can really look professional and fun. 

Be sure to ask your landscaping company what sort of ideas they have for sprucing things up because they may have an even better creative vision for your trees, walkways, and more.