Turf Wars

Your commercial lawn is under attack.  The enemies in this war for your turf:  sun, snow, droughts, weeds, and insects.  For 365 days a year, your lawn is under attack from all sides and your enemies are relentless.  At Bluegrass, our lawn care services troops have all the weapons needed to keep your lawn lush, beautiful, and protected and will fight to help you win the war on your turf.

What Your Turf Is Up Against

The Enemy:  Insects

We fight insects by using pest control as well as keeping your turf thick and healthy.  Overseeding the lawn gives existing grass a boost, fills out thin areas where insects like to move in, and promotes a lush lawn that is naturally resistant to infestations. Grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms are just a few of the insects vying to take over your lawn but sometimes a strong lawn isn’t enough to fight them off.  What you’re left with after they invade is a lawn full of ugly brown patches.  When we suspect there may be an enemy attacking your lawn, we leap into action and eliminate the foe on the spot with effective pest control applications.  

The Enemy:  Weeds

In the fight against weeds, overseeding keeps weeds at bay by not leaving room for them to germinate and grow.  In early to late spring, we add a slow-release fertilizer with a pre-emergent herbicide to keep weeds from germinating.  Throughout the year we also apply broadleaf weed control and spot treatments to prevent second or third waves of attack from weeds.  Our weed control program defeats weeds of all kinds using crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, nutsedge treatment.  Bluegrass conquers whatever weed shows up for battle!

The Enemy:  The Sun

Of course, the sun is the giving lifeforce for any plant but it can also make them wither and die.  Overseeding makes your lawn thick which keeps the roots cool and retains moisture better.  By mowing turf high and watering infrequently, roots are prompted to grow longer and deeper, allowing them to survive summer droughts.  

The Enemy:  Ice and Snow

When your lawn is healthy, it can withstand heavy snows and harsh winter weather on its own, but even in winter, we keep your grass in mind by properly winterizing your irrigation system to prevent leaks and ice damage.  If you use us for your snow removal needs (and why wouldn’t you?), we use Ice-B-Gone, a safe and effective deicer that won’t hurt your lawn at the edges of parking lots and walkways.  

A Good Defense

As the saying goes, “The best offense is a good defense” and this is very true of your commercial lawns.  Grass that is thick and lush can fend off weeds, insects, and retain moisture.  Aerating your lawn is another way to help it grow thick and strong.  When soil becomes hard and compact, it prevents water, air, and nutrients from reaching down to the roots and also impairs root growth and germination of new seed.  By removing soil “plugs”, the soil can loosen a bit and allow for the roots to get everything it needs to be healthy.  

With Bluegrass by your side, you can win the turf war and have a beautifully-groomed lawn that reflects the professionalism of your business.  Call us today at (314) 770-2828 and be sure to ask about our Landcare Management Programs.  We’re ready for action!