What is Sustainability?

Written by: Shonda Lucks

Sustainability can simply be defined as the capacity to endure.

We already live far beyond the earth’s capacity to support us as humans. This growing challenge has created a call to action for us as a society, a city, a business and as individuals. We cannot continue to use tomorrow’s resources today. Sustainable landscapes are the response to this environmental distress and they contribute to the developing health and regeneration of our communities. It is your way to reduce our business’ negative impact on the environment. Not just to use less energy and produce less waste today but developing a process that pilots your business to an opportunity of complete sustainability.  In the sustainable landscaping the goal is to have an appropriate design and the proper native plants for the area that is functional, environmentally friendly and maintainable. The use of Missouri Natives in the sustainable landscaping increases energy, reduces pollution, cleans the air and water, restores habitats, and creates a significant economic, social and environmental benefits. With sustainable site restoration create the natural habitats for the depleting native wildlife and insects in our urban and city areas.  Once the native plants are established, the landscaping requires less maintenance, fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation demands.Sustainability 3

Environmental sustainability is something we hear a lot about these days in the media. In the past it seemed businesses had little concern regarding the impact that industrial growth had on the negative impact to the environment. Today we see a great increase of businesses and individuals wanting to reduce their damaging impact on the environment and striving to be a part of the positive movement to influence the community on environmental sustainability. We can improve our world, city and community by joining the efforts to have a sustainable landscaping project installed.  Small or large these areas help to regenerate our planet, reduce and remove the pollutants coming from the site into the water ways. It doesn’t take much to add a native garden, storm water basin or even a bio retention area to your property; but the impact it makes to the environment is huge and what is says to others about you and your company is priceless for a hurting community and earth. Here in the St. Louis area we have several environmental challenges. Witnessing the awareness and effects to help correct them by our local businesses and industries had been a great blessing to me the past few years. This is the reason I became storm water BMP maintenance & inspection certified, so that I can watch these systems working throughout the year and stay involved in the growth and maintenance of them.

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