What Kind of Snow Removal Contracts are Commonly Used?

Not all companies are aware that there are multiple types of snow removal contracts to choose from when working with a landscaping company. This is important because certain contracts are going to work better for some companies than others. It depends on the location of the business and the average snow they get each year among other things that would push them to commit to a longer agreement.

But getting into a long-term agreement means you want to know who you are working with and what services they provide. Let’s talk specifically about each type of agreement so your business can make the best decision. 


Hourly is certainly an option for those who may not have a lot of work ahead of them. Having said that, it is one of the more expensive options and can add up quickly. There’s no real telling how long something can take especially if you have some difficult areas to tackle. This also depends on crew size. While it is an option, most recommend going towards the latter two. 

Per Event

As the title explains this is when you hire a company on a per basis or per snow situation. The price per event is a set price for the snow removal based on the storm. De-icing however is per application which can add on slightly to the total. While it is a great option the downside is that those who have season contracts may get first dibs on snow removal.

This is great for those who may not get consistent snow throughout the winter and just need a bit of help here and there! 

Per Season

The per season option is a set price and is available per request. This is commitment to the entire winter so that you have someone secured and ready to go each time snow comes down. The plan is set in motion so you know exactly what will be taken care of each time. 

It’s also possible that some agreements will use what is called a sliding scale. This just means a portion of the money is due and that the other part is withheld based on variables. In this case it will be how much snow you get most likely. 

Understanding Realistically and Financially What’s Best For You

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to what kind of agreement you can get into with a snow removal company. Some situations are better than others for certain businesses. A per basis contract as we noted could be very costly for properties with large landscapes and heavy snowfall annually. 

With hourly contracts not recommended (more of in a pinch situation) the best option is the per basis or anytime the snow comes down. However, some companies like a little more commitment and this is understandable so per season is certainly not a bad option. For a set price you know what to expect!