When It Comes To Your Commercial Property, Communication Is a Two-Way Street


 Your commercial landscape is an expensive investment, a valuable part of your business, and every commercial property is different, each with its own unique qualities and needs.  Your landscape company should be a partnership with each partner listening to the needs or concerns of the other.  

With good communication, both client and landscape company will have a clear understanding of goals and abilities which will cut down on wasted materials, time and, money.  If your landscaper has the right people, skills, and equipment but they don’t communicate well with you, or you with them for that matter, you might as well be hiring the neighbor’s kid to mow the lawn.  And neither of you will be satisfied.   

As much as we hate to admit it, landscapers do have limitations, especially when it comes to budgets.  No one wants to spend more money than they have to, but your landscaper isn’t going to be able to give you an expensive-looking, professional landscape for bottom-of-the-barrel prices.  Commercial landscapers are professionals and for them to be able to maintain your property at a high standard, they need to hire good, dependable workers, have the right equipment and maintain it, and they need to be able to put in enough time to do the job right.  If you have a commercial landscaper making big promises for little money, they’re probably trying to undercut others bidding for the job, and they’re going to have to skimp somewhere and do a shoddy job.

If you have a strict budget, good communication with your landscape company will allow you to make decisions on areas you may be able to cut back so you can focus resources elsewhere to stay within your financial restrictions.

At Bluegrass, communication with our clients is a skill as important as knowing what fertilizer to use or how to build a retaining wall.  It’s a vital part of our business.  When you use our services, you get an account manager, a single point of contact, who works one-on-one with you so goals and abilities have transparency so expectations will be clearly understood. When an issue arises or there are changes you’d like to make, you simply call your account manager.  Conversely, when necessary, your account manager will contact you.  One point of contact, no missing messages or going through 3 people before you get the right one who can help.

With your account manager, you get a Landcare Management Plan.  With an LMP, we have a consultation, we assess the property, and we come up with a customized plan for the care of your property.  An LMP allows us to get to know the ins and outs of your property and put everything on the table so there are no surprises and expectations on all sides are met.  

If you don’t have the best communication with your current landscape company, call Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management. We have top-of-the-line equipment and professional, reliable staff that will keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.  For more information about our services, you can visit our webpage at https://bluegrasslawn.com/ or call at (314) 770-2828.