When Should I Start Planning for Winter?

Once upon a time, there was a squirrel.  While all of the other woodland creatures were enjoying the warm summer months, Squirrel was, well, squirreling away acorns.  Day and night he toiled, scouring the forest for acorns. One day, Grasshopper was strolling along when he saw Squirrel scurrying by with a mouthful of acorns.

“What are you doing?” asked Grasshopper.

“Mmm hmmbhm bdmm hmm,” said Squirrel.

“What?” asked Grasshopper.

Squirrel spat out the acorns.  “I’m storing acorns for winter.”

“What, now?” laughed Grasshopper.  “Why would you do that when it’s such a beautiful day?  Winter isn’t for months!”

“Oh, it’s never too early to prepare,” said Squirrel as he gathered up his acorns and scurried off to his house.

“Pshaw,” said Grasshopper.  And he went off to join the other woodland creatures having some summertime fun.

Over the next several weeks, everytime Grasshopper saw silly Squirrel gathering acorns, he’d scoff at him and then hop off to have some fun.  

Before long, winter blanketed the forest and Squirrel stayed warm and cozy in his house with plenty to eat.  And what became of Grasshopper? Let’s just say he went on a long, involuntary fast that didn’t turn out very well.


When it comes to planning your winter snow and ice removal, it’s important to be like Squirrel and start early.  Even though the temperature outside is close to triple digits, it’ll be dropping to single ones before you know it.  


Advantages to Starting Early

There are many reasons why starting early on your winter maintenance plan is a good idea.

The good companies go fast.  Snow removal companies in St. Louis that have a good reputation in the snow removal business, like Bluegrass, will be signed to contracts early.  Early action means you can secure your spot.

Your property has no snow on it.  It’s better for your snow removal company to be able to view your property before it’s covered in snow so they can see areas that they need to avoid, areas that may require extra attention, and parking patterns.

Your snow removal company needs time to stock up.  They need to buy enough deicer to clear your property for the winter.  With the potential for an increase in the price of salt, your snow removal company needs a large storage of salt and buying it early, when most people aren’t even thinking about winter, will help keep down costs.  

Your snow removal company needs time to plan.  They need to consider the layout and size of your commercial property, the number of walkways and size of parking areas, normal business hours, and type of business (hospital, retail, residential complex, etc.).  These considerations allow your snow removal company to determine how long it would take to clear the property, how many crews would be needed, which equipment would be used, and best times to clear the property.

You’ll have time to consider bids.  You’ll be able to get several bids to make the right decision for a snow and ice removal plan for your property.  You’ll have time to ask all the right questions of each company and to check their references so you can make an informed decision.  

You’ll have time to plan your funding.  It’ll give you time to allocate the funds you’ll need for snow and ice removal during the winter.      


Why Bluegrass is a Leader in St. Louis Snow Removal

At Bluegrass, we understand the importance of planning ahead.  We work with our clients to understand their snow removal needs and have all of the equipment and supplies at the ready for that first St. Louis snow.  


Our Equipment:

We use Sno-Pusher plows designed to handle heavy, compacted snow on the very first push.  Their galvanized steel frame means they’ll stand up to the heaviest snow their unique sectional design allows them to follow the contour of the surface grade, clearing with one pass without damaging the surface.

We also have more than 100 pickup trucks with plows, skid loaders, ATV’s, and ample crews with shovels.


Our Deicer:

During special conditions, we sometimes use Ice B’Gone Magic deicer to melt icy roads and walkways.  Ice B’Gone is a liquid that when applied to rock salt creates the best deicing product on the market.  It increases the effectiveness of the rock salt by making it work better, at lower temperatures, and go further as well. It’s more environmentally friendly and is 100% biodegradable and is 90% less corrosive than salt alone.  It’s safer for people to handle and it won’t harm your equipment. This deicer is pet-friendly, it’s more effective at lower temperatures, and it’s more efficient.


Our Weather Monitoring Service

We closely monitor storms and weather conditions so we can clear and treat your property as soon as possible.  We monitor before and during storms because we know that just a few degrees’ drop in temperature can mean the difference between plowing or using deicer on an area.  Using The Weather Pros allows us to make the right decision for servicing your property to ensure it is safe and ready to open for business.


Our Snow Hotline

We also want to hear from you! Of course, we can’t physically monitor every property throughout every storm so we make it easy for you to call us with special issues or conditions. Our snow hotline runs 24/7 throughout a snow event.  11 PM? 2 AM? Give us a call at any time during a storm and reach a live person.

At Bluegrass, we have a full, dedicated staff ready to tackle even the biggest storms.  Our snow crews are experienced and dependable and will always get the job done. You can count on them like we do.

Take Aesop’s advice and don’t be a grasshopper.

Call Bluegrass today at (314)770-2828 and we’ll help you plan your snow removal so you can get back to enjoying summer.