Why Hire an Irrigation Service Company?


Irrigation systems are becoming very popular due to their time-saving and energy-maximizing benefits. Who installs your irrigation system is extremely important because it may also involve groundwork and other factors to control water flow. Hiring a professional to design your irrigation system increases your ability to have a beautiful landscape while keeping your property’s lawn’s moisture level at an ideal level. If an irrigation system is not installed by a professional and doesn’t work like it is supposed to, you can most likely expect major drainage problems along with wasting money and resources. The following are reasons you should hire a professional to install your irrigation system.

Irrigation experts look for problems and solve them

Irrigation systems can cover up problems you may not be able to see such as small leaks or a finicky pressure valve. However, you will notice your lawn turning brown and the increase in your water bill.

Irrigation experts make sure your system is working at top performance

An irrigation system that is working at its best is completely different from one that is working subpar. A system working at its peak performance will be noticeable in your water costs.

Irrigation experts reduce water use

It may sound contradictory, but irrigation systems do help you use less water more efficiently.

Proper design, installation, and maintenance

If you want your irrigation system to be designed and installed correctly, you need to choose an expert who is licensed and insured. An irrigation system must be installed the right way according to manufacturer specifications along with local, state, and neighborhood regulations. Having a professional do regular maintenance checks is important as well. This is ensure that the system is working the right way and it does not have any leaks.

Save time and money

Irrigation systems allow you to save time from using a garden hose by distributing water at the right time at the correct rate efficiently. A system that is installed correctly will save you money because it won’t need to be replaced or repaired anytime soon. Irrigation systems that are designed well are meant to be energy efficient in order to save you money on energy costs. On the other hand, systems that are not designed well can cause flooding and water damage.

Irrigation and landscaping

Having an irrigation system that is properly designed, installed, and maintained will have an effect on how your property’s lawn looks. The way your lawn looks will then have an effect on your property value and therefore your return on investment. Your lawn’s appearance will also have an effect on how many customers come in and out of your building. The exterior of your building is the first thing people see, and therefore, can determine whether or not they want to be your customer.

Longevity of plants

As a business owner you already have your plate full and are non-stop busy. You do not have the time to spend watering plants, shrubs, and flowers every day. An irrigation system can help solve that problem. Having a professional install a properly designed irrigation system will help retain the right amount of moisture throughout even the driest seasons.

Creative drainage solutions

Water management is very important to any business owner who does not want to take the time or money to repair damages caused by drainage issues. Irrigation professionals can help design, install, and maintain groundwater and downspout collection as well as irrigation systems in order to keep your business from flooding or experiencing water damage.

Every business owner wants to attract more customers, and one way of doing that is by having a beautiful, healthy looking lawn. Having the right irrigation plan in place can help you achieve those goals. The expert staff at Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management take pride in helping our customers keep their irrigation system running smoothly at all times. Contact us today at 314-770-2828 to schedule an appointment for our expert irrigation team to install your irrigation system.