Why Landscaping at a Hospital is So Important

The reputation of a hospital is highly dependent on a good staff, state of the art equipment and access to the right medications. But did you know the facility’s surrounding landscaping is very important as well?

Hospital landscaping is not just about making the grounds look nice; it can also help patients heal. The right scenery has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, boost positivity and lower blood pressure. It has been shown that patients with lots of greenery outside their window need less pain medication than those who have industrial views.

If you are in charge of making hospital grounds look great, here are some tips for St. Louis hospital landscaping that will boost a patient’s wellness.

Healing Gardens

Hospitals can be stressful for patients, visitors and workers. A healing garden will provide a sense of soothing calmness. Include plants like roses, lavender, rosemary and sage. These all have relaxing scents that will help everyone reach a better state of mind.

Native plants are also recommended as they are drought resistant, pest and disease resistant and great for attracting birds and butterflies.

Water Features

The sound of running water is known to provide a sense of calmness. More than that, fountains look lovely and make for a cooling presence. Tuck one into the corners of the property in a spot where people can see it when walking the grounds.

Install others around the grounds to make sure that patients also have a view from their rooms.

Make it Safe

Safety is another consideration that factors into your landscaping needs. Overgrown greenery can get into pathways posing a hazard for workers and visitors that are moving fast and patients that may have limited mobility. The right maintenance will limit the risk of injury keeping visitors, patients and staff protected.

Comfortable Sitting Areas

During hospital visits, visitors and patients may choose to roam the grounds to find places where they can sit and chat or eat picnic style meals. Therefore, hospitals should have plenty of courtyards, patios and common areas. These areas should provide shaded seating, attractive greenery and places where children can play.

The Right Lighting

The right landscape lighting can make all the difference in getting your gardens looking their best. You can angle lighting to spotlight attractive plants and mark off paths to prevent trips and falls. The lighting will illuminate your gardens at night to produce an attractive, soothing appearance.

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St. Louis hospital landscaping plays an essential role in your patient’s health and your facility’s reputation. Don’t leave it to just anyone. Call Blue Grass Lawn for the service you can count on.