Why You Should Add Mulch to Your Commercial Property This Spring

After months of snow and cold temperatures, commercial landscaping often looks less than desirable––or professional. Spring is a great time to refresh and add new mulch to your landscape beds. Below are a few benefits that your commercial property could receive from adding mulch or replacing your existing mulch.

Mulch traps moisture

One of the major benefits of mulch, and most well known, is that it retains water. This means there is more moisture on hand for your greenery. As rain is heavier in the springtime, adding mulch during this time period is a great way to get prepared for summer. The mulch will help make the most of whatever water that is available, which means lower water bills for you as a commercial property owner. When knowledgeably applied, mulch helps conserve moisture in your landscape beds, keeping your trees, shrubs, and flowers healthy.

Additionally, when rain hits the impervious surfaces around your commercial property (such as sidewalks, streets, and parking lots) where does the water go? If you have flooding issues, mulch can be part of the solution. The EPA mantra for storm water runoff management is: slow it down, spread it out, soak it in. In using these ideas, mulch may be applicable for your water runoff situation. Redirecting the water toward a permeable material like mulch means that your commercial property won’t be at the mercy of the surrounding concrete. You can cover bare soil with mulch to slow storm water runoff. Plants, ground cover, trees, and any other greenery around your commercial property will also benefit from added mulch as it slows down water runoff and helps soak in excess to be used later.

Mulch prevents weeds

If your commercial property wants to avoid using chemical weed killers like Roundup, mulch is your solution. Weeds are common in the Midwest and can cause many different problems for your landscape beds. Weeds steal necessary nutrients away from the flowers and greenery that you are wanting to keep alive. Weeds also make your property look unkempt and devalue your commercial property.

Using mulch is a great way to naturally combat weeds. Much like other plants, weeds require sunlight to survive. When weeds are covered by mulch, it prevents the weeds from receiving sunlight. This makes it more difficult for sprouting weeds to push through the mulch. In the meantime, the water that is retained by the mulch is nourishing and strengthening the greenery that you want to live. That greenery, in turn, grows strong and can push out weeds from its area.

Mulch provides a professional look

You may have noticed that mulch loses its vibrancy and fades with time. Mulch often has a shelf life of less than a year. The harsh winter months in the Midwest can make your mulch look lifeless in just one season. When your mulch loses its vibrant, professional appearance, it’s time to replace it.

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