Why Your Office Needs a Green Space


While many people associate landscaping with mowing and tree trimming, landscaping can be so much more. One of the main purposes of landscaping is, of course, to maintain the greenery on a property, but did you know that landscapers can also help you to create green spaces?

If you manage an office building, looking into an office green space provided by your landscaping company is something you should consider. Green spaces have been shown to have many positive effects on employees. Here are some of the reasons you should plan a green space today!

What is a Green Space?

A green space is an allotted space in an office building or urban area that incorporates natural elements into it, bringing ‘green’ to the area through plants and trees. Green spaces can be inside of buildings in specially designated areas, or they can be a designated outside area on the property that employees can spend time in. No matter which type of green space an office building has, the benefits are the same.

The Benefits of a Green Space

While you may not be entirely sold on a green space as it stands, it’s important to acknowledge that workplaces that have green spaces see a plethora of benefits. The benefits are so significant, in fact, that large companies, like Facebook and Amazon, have been incorporating them into their offices for the benefit of both the company as well as the employees.

Productivity Increases

When surrounded by elements of nature, employees tend to suffer from less fatigue related to attention and concentration. It is believed that being surrounded by plants increases engagement in the workplace. This increased engagement leads to a more significant emotional connection to the workplace, and in turn to the work itself. Workers that suffer from being disengaged with their surroundings at work tend to perform more poorly, and adding a green space to your office can help with that.

Ambiance and Aesthetic Appeal

This is important not only for employees, but for possible clients, as well. A green space in an office building creates a more relaxing, natural environment. This can help employees feel more at ease, and can make the space more receptive for clients. Adding an outdoor green space that allows employees and clients to connect with nature can add a calming effect to the office space. It also provides a place for employees to unwind after particularly hard days.

Enhances Company Image

While it may not be everything, image is significant in the business world, and a good image can do wonders for any business. A better image in the business world can help to attract potential clients, as well as attract and retain better talent. When you add a green space to your office environment, it is a subtle way of showing that you care about the well being of the people who enter your office. This can do wonders for your business, both internally and externally!

The Takeaway

Overall, a green space in your office is going to do wonders for your business overall. It will help keep your employees happy, as well as interest potential clients that are on-site. Whether it’s a breakroom outfitted with indoor plants, or a dedicated garden outside, add a green space to your office today! Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Removal offers a variety of services and plants to make any green space you can imagine a possibility. Give us a call at (314) 770.2828 to discuss your ideas and options for making the best office green space.