Winter Friendly Landscaping

It’s about to be snow cold. Puns like these might send a chill down your spine because winter is coming very soon. Fall is inarguably the most beautiful season in the Midwest, the leaves of deciduous trees change into a fiery array of colors, but with the beginning of fall comes the first taste of winter. As you mentally and physically prepare for winter by planning holiday events and bringing out the comfy sweaters, your landscape could benefit from some attention. 

It’s Getting Cold Outside

Landscapes aren’t solely a summer thing, but the emphasis on aspects of your greenery and hardscape will likely change as many plants lose their foliage and permanent fixtures in your landscape begin to gain more prominence. Taking the time to shape your landscape into its more winter-friendly form will help boost the appearance and aesthetic of your business, making its exterior inviting even in the bitter cold. Working with a professional landscaping provider is the best way to ensure your outdoors are up to par; they can help you design a winter appearance that is attractive and snow friendly.

Chilly and Cheerful

A common misconception about winter landscapes is that there will be no color, only drab brown of leafless branches and the dull gray of stone edifices, but this is not the case. Some of the best winter landscapes utilize evergreen and hardy winter plants to provide pops of green color in even the harshest winter. Evergreens are often used as semi-permanent landscape plants because they are consistently attractive all year when well taken care of, and they steal the show throughout the late fall and winter seasons. 

Additionally, evergreens are decoration-friendly and look fabulous with a string of lights or sparkly decorations. In addition to the evergreen features of your landscape, there are many hardy plants you can use to add pops of color including mums and celosia. Alongside having evergreens and other plants, ensuring your existing plants and shrubs are trimmed and well-shaped can greatly improve the appeal of your landscape. Wild, tangly branches do not look very inviting, but well-shaped softscape features show that you care about the appearance of your business.

Planning for Winter

Now is the best time to begin planning for winter, before it gets freezing cold outside, and the ground is hard to work. Taking the time to consult with a professional landscaping service can help you communicate your needs and find the best landscaping solution for you. Trying to make your landscape beautiful in every season will emphasize how much you appreciate your customers and care about their perception of your business. 

Final Thoughts

It might be turning into winter quickly, but your winter landscape doesn’t have to suffer in the cold. With well-planned pops of color, lovely hardscape accents, and neatly trimmed deciduous features, your landscape will be just as inviting as it was in the summer. Don’t fear that the winter is near! Instead, take a moment to schedule a consultation with Bluegrass Landscape and Snow Management, and their professionals can assist you in creating a winter wonderland for your business.